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Adj.1.unwoven - not woven; "tapa cloth is an unwoven fabric made by pounding bark into a thin sheet"
woven - made or constructed by interlacing threads or strips of material or other elements into a whole; "woven fabrics"; "woven baskets"; "the incidents woven into the story"; "folk songs woven into a symphony"
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Ten mg of unwoven PGA fibers were compressed into a 5-mm diameter and 2-mm thick cylinder.
The large meetings were backed by, and at the same time fed, many local and personal processes where the microphysics of power were woven and unwoven.
The use of cloth permeates the religious practice of all faiths in India, from its basic form as unwoven thread, through simple cloths and saris offered to local deities, to the most elaborate decorated hangings for display in major temples" (Crill in the exhibition catalogue, p.
Felted wool has been woven and then felted; wool felt is made of unwoven fibers.
The fabrics include woven and unwoven standard carbon fibre, glass-fibre, aramid and high-density polypropylene fibre rolls, as well as yarn and tow.
By the opening of the 20th Century the former entanglements between the arts and humanities and medicine were unwoven through thorough professionalization and increased specialization, and this alienation of natural allies in the struggle to ease suffering and promote wellness across the 19th Century was famously articulated in C.
Respirator must be made from unwoven filtering material stable within the temperature range of -30A?
And when his tissue of lies was finally unwoven by police, he callously tried to make out he had been a victim of years of abuse by her.
Respra is fitted with Multi-protection layers including an inner and outer layer of pure cotton, unwoven dust filter and a layer of activated carbon cloth.
Current synthetic mesh available for extraperitoneal use includes mesh composed primarily of either polypropylene or polyester in a variety of configurations - either woven or unwoven, macroporous versus microporous, lightweight or heavyweight.
The panel is formed in a wooden box with the interior sizes of 650 x 180 mm and thickness of 36 mm filled inside with an agglomerated structure made of wood chips and unwoven textile inserts, compacted at a normal temperature (20-22[degrees]C) and conditioned at a temperature of 40-50[degrees]C.
by the strands, unwoven, from the linen that usually makes up the entirety of a painting's ground--the natty, knotty surface of it all painted salted-butter yellow--except for a snug tube top of unprimed, unpainted linen, hugging and wrapped around the top of the work.