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1. Not giving way to pressure; hard or inflexible: "She lay on the unyielding concrete of the steps" (T. Coraghessan Boyle).
2. Incapable of being changed; unalterable: "the unyielding grip of war" (James Carroll).
3. Not willing to change or be persuaded; resolute: an unyielding champion of civil rights.

un·yield′ing·ly adv.
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in an unyielding manner
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Willful and headstrong, these individuals unyieldingly insist on achieving their own agendas.
After providing her tranquil yet unyieldingly articulate monologue, she presses her husband as to whether he remembers the same details she does.
The film tells the story of stubborn guidance counselor Patricia Consolacion (Bea), who lifts the veil of secrecy on the campus of an ultraconservative all-girl Catholic school run by Sor Alice Nicolas (Charo), its unyieldingly authoritative principal.
And at that time I was so without direction, so unfit--despite the perfect ease and unyieldingly excellent weather cycles of North Mississippi in the waning years of the Obama Administration--that I identified completely with the idea.
The years passed not so much quickly as they did unyieldingly, without remission.
THE VEHEMENCE OF the public reaction to West reveals something unyieldingly dogmatic about our current politico-cultural moment.
(8) Little surprise then that the prevailing sentiment among policymakers, researchers, NGO staff and journalists in Yangon in 2018 seemed to be that the UWSA were distant, not open to discussions, rigid in their stance on the peace process and unyieldingly dictating the terms of negotiations as they mustered alliances with other EAGs.
The music is quintessential Glass: unyieldingly repetitive rhythmically, harmonically, and melodically--no doubt daunting for ears attuned to opera's conventional dramatic and musical pacing and development.
That nagging thought might have been the thing that drove him, unyieldingly, toward perfection all of his life.
"We are unyieldingly pushing at the cabinet in favor of restoring your rights.
Shaw is more positive about Luhmann's thinking around the individual and social structure, and pushes Luhmann's transition to the modern period back to the fifteenth century through considering 'self-expression' in sumptuary law, Thomas Hoccleve, and the almost unyieldingly 'impersonal' prose of William Worcester, all of which demonstrate 'the pressure coming from individual people to place themselves into the social world in ways that seem unpredictable sometimes, but always personal' (p.
Yang stages metaphorical conversations between various everyday objects in her installations, which range from the uncannily anthropomorphic to the unyieldingly deadpan.