up and down

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Adv.1.Up and down - moving backward and forward along a given courseup and down - moving backward and forward along a given course; "he walked up and down the locker room"; "all up and down the Eastern seaboard"
2.Up and down - alternately upward and downwardup and down - alternately upward and downward; "he eyed him up and down"
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First we had supper, and then tramped up and down the deck together smoking till most midnight; then we went and set down in my stateroom and locked the doors and looked in the piece of paper to see if the di'monds was all right, then laid it on the lower berth right in full sight; and there we set, and set, and by-and-by it got to be dreadful hard to keep awake.
He passed his arm into that of his companion, and the two walked for some time up and down one of the less frequented corridors.
So Sir William and the Sheriff set forth to do the King's bidding and to search for Robin Hood; and for seven days they hunted up and down, yet found him not.
She walked up and down by his side, prattling merrily, and sending little gleams of cheeriness through the gloom which girt him in.
Here began another lesson, and in five minutes Jerry learned it was the will of Skipper that he should remain in the blanket, that everything was all right, and that Skipper would be up and down and near him all the time.
And Katerina Ivanovna walking up and down and wringing her hands, her cheeks flushed red, as they always are in that disease: 'Here you live with us,' says she, 'you eat and drink and are kept warm and you do nothing to help.