up the stairs

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Adv.1.up the stairs - on a floor aboveup the stairs - on a floor above; "they lived upstairs"
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I was still puzzling over it when I heard the door gently close again, and her footsteps coming up the stairs.
Then I rushed up the stairs, only to find two other rooms empty and deserted at the top.
But was it within the limits of probability that a teacher should alter her opinion of her own duty half-way up the stairs, and deliberately go back to her own room again?
Gang ye in there, and up the stairs, and bring me down the chest that's at the top.
Alleyne, as God is my help, as I came up the stairs this night I saw her stand before me, her face in tears, her hands out as though in warning--I saw it, Alleyne, even as I see those two archers upon their couches.
And up the stairs he dragged Monte Cristo; who, ignorant of what had happened, followed him in astonishment, foreseeing some new catastrophe.
Walk up the stairs at work instead of getting the lift ?
If you make a conscious effort to go up the stairs twice every trip you will reach your 500 calorie goal in half the time.