up the stairs

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Adv.1.up the stairs - on a floor aboveup the stairs - on a floor above; "they lived upstairs"
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And how should she be up there, without coming through the door, or in at the window, and up the stairs?'
According to the evaluation model, setting up the stairs evacuation scene by changing the number of occupants in the stairs, the process of stairs evacuation is simulated, and the accuracy of simulation is verified by the experiment.
BUILD WAYS TO MOVE MORE INTO YOUR DAILY ROUTINE Here are some ways to incorporate more activity into your daily routine: TWO MINUTES ??Run up and down stairs 10 times ??Park at the back of the supermarket car park, so you have further to wa 10 MINUTES ??Walk up the stairs at work instead of getting the lift ??Go around the house and put things back in their rightful pla 30 MINUTES ??Weed the garden ??Go for a walk with a frie 60 MINUTES ??Go for a hike in the countryside ??Enjoy a bike ride with the whole fami
Neighbours said "punters" had queued up the stairs to have sex with Owens and that she had performed sex acts in cars, the shared shed and even on the stairs themselves.
The increasing average age of the population; the increasing obesity and general lack-of-fitness; the unfortunate increase in world terrorism; and not to mention the increasing amount of equipment carried by fire and safety personnel (who come up the stairs whilst you're trying to get down them), all point us towards a major review of the safety aspect of the use of staircases, and the revision of stair design codes.