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1. A deciduous tree (Antiaris toxicaria) of tropical Africa and Asia that yields a latex used as an arrow poison.
2. The poison obtained from this tree or from similar trees.

[Malay (pohun) upas, poison (tree), of Javanese origin.]
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1. (Plants) a large moraceous tree of Java, Antiaria toxicaria, having whitish bark and poisonous milky sap
2. (Elements & Compounds) the sap of this tree, used as an arrow poison
Also: antiar
[C19: from Malay: poison]
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(ˈyu pəs)

a large tropical mulberry tree, Antiaris toxicaria, of Africa, Asia, and the Philippines, that has a milky sap used as an arrow poison.
[1775–85; < Javanese: poison]
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He was one of those delightful, irresponsible, erratic persons whose heads thoughts of this kind do not enter, and who are about as deadly to those whose lives are bound up with theirs as a Upas tree.
I shouldn't have given my mind to it again, I hope, if to this prison you had not been brought, and in an hour unfortunate for me, this day!' (In his agitation Young John adopted his mother's powerful construction of sentences.) 'When you first came upon me, sir, in the Lodge, this day, more as if a Upas tree had been made a capture of than a private defendant, such mingled streams of feelings broke loose again within me, that everything was for the first few minutes swept away before them, and I was going round and round in a vortex.
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