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n. pl. up·dos
Any of various hairstyles in which the hair is gathered together and secured to the back or top of the head, often in elaborate arrangements, as for a wedding or other formal occasion.

[up + do, hairdo.]
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n., pl. -dos.
an upswept hairdo.
[1935–40; up (swept) + (hair) do]
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From top: use grips to fix hairpieces; place coloured flashes carefully; brush through a fake ponytail to smooth it out before using; Use hairpieces to create an extra-long ponytail (perfect for smooth operators), funky streaks for a fun night out, or for a glamorous updo. Then just wait for the compliments...
It hangs beautifully and the simply swept updo is the perfect complement.
June 1998 With a trendy chopsticks updo, the lovely Miss Diaz celebrates the smash There's Something about Mary.
Real couldn't hate her, though, especially as she'd paired the gorgeous gown with a side-swept updo and matching vampy red nail polish.
She turns up at a premiere with a classy `I've-been-a-good-girl-and-dumped-that-naughty-boy-Sean' updo. A little tip though, love - leave those pastels alone.
Her makeunder transformation sees her losing the blue rinse and replacing it with a sophisticated brunette updo.
I don't know how you cast your vote but Julia Roberts got mine for the best hairstyle - an amazing, smooth-as-silk updo with a hairpiece that coiled so beautifully over the crown, rolling down the back, before nestling in a curve at the nape of the neck.
The choppy layers mean she can wear that loose beachy look everyone wants with ease and it can be quickly transformed into a more glamorous updo for the night.
Givenchy V Eye P Liner - pounds 12.50 Gorgeously-packaged with a discreet jewel at one end of the pencil, this is so pretty it can also double as a hair decoration - ideal for that Christmas party 'updo'.
With a hard look that screams 1980s, she's hiding behind a severe updo, blunt fringe and vampish dark-red lips - upset about not being nominated for Evita, maybe?