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An upward current of air.
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(ˈʌpˌdræft, -ˌdrɑft)

the movement upward of air or other gas.
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Noun1.updraft - a strong upward air current
draft, draught - a current of air (usually coming into a chimney or room or vehicle)
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Good news out of Europe also added to the the updraft, with Italy's Conte forming a government and as some no-deal Brexit angst was priced out.
When there is a large difference between winds aloft and winds at ground level, a rising updraft can become vertically separated from the downdraft that forms when the weight of precipitation exceeds the lift of the rising air.
When the warm air is lifted up through the cold air, it causes an updraft, which then starts rotating when the accompanying storm winds vary in speed and direction.
It recalled the iconic scene of Marilyn's white dress catching an updraft in The Seven Year Itch.
While radiances from geostationary orbit cannot answer this question, we believe that large cloud-top ice particles appear when cloud-condensation nuclei concentrations are low, environmental relative humidity values are high, the dry-air entrainment rate is extremely limited (i.e., nearly undiluted, or "hot"), and updraft speeds are slow enough for ice crystal growth and persistence, but strong enough for lofting to cloud top.
The rising cumuliform cloud so far represents an updraft. This is one of the two primary parts of a storm.
To form, hailstorms require moisture, an updraft, variable winds and freezing temperatures at lower levels of the storm cloud, he said.
One writer says that "eagles fly into these invisible updraft, stretch out their wings, and are lifted higher and higher into the sky as though ascending on an elevator.
a deep, persistently rotating updraft. Thus, these storms are sometimes referred to as rotating thunderstorms.
Based on early radar analyses and visual storm observations, Lemon and Doswell III [17] identified key stormscale structures in tornadic supercell storms: a mesocyclone embedded in both a deep updraft and a rear-flank downdraft (RFD), and an additional persistent downdraft in the forward flank region (FFD).
The latter are usually rather tall, narrow storms containing a rising updraft of warm, moist air that has risen in a layer from near the surface that may go upward to 40,000 feet or more.