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v. up·end·ed, up·end·ing, up·ends
1. To stand, set, or turn on one end: upend an oblong box.
2. To invalidate, destroy, or change completely; overthrow: upended a popular legend.
3. To win victory over; defeat.
To be upended.
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Noun1.upending - turning upside downupending - turning upside down; setting on end
movement, motility, motion, move - a change of position that does not entail a change of location; "the reflex motion of his eyebrows revealed his surprise"; "movement is a sign of life"; "an impatient move of his hand"; "gastrointestinal motility"
overturn, turnover, upset - the act of upsetting something; "he was badly bruised by the upset of his sled at a high speed"
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production is upending global oil markets, coming at a time when a group of other major producers around Russia and the Middle East-dominated Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) have been voluntarily withholding output in order to prop up prices LCOc1.
Applicants Saima Kanwal, Mohammad Sajjad Sarwar, Ashfaq Hussain and other were provided justice after upending the extra bill.
On this week's TribCast, Emily talks to Evan, Aman and Jim about the drama at the DNC, the political futures of Texas' Castro brothers and the 5th Circuit ruling upending Texas' voter ID law.
Houlder has announced the supply of the first of two pile upending tools to be utilized during the foundation installation campaign at the 400MW Rampion offshore wind farm off the south coast of England.
WEST HAM striker Carlton Cole wants to celebrate a new four-year deal by upending the running order on Match of the Day
Smaller size units for upending boxes, containers or machine parts are offered.
The challenging landscape provides the perfect backdrop for his latest work, Upending.
ATI of Mentor, Ohio has announced the development of a NEW PAK-MAN, Micro-Processor Controlled with Powered Roller Conveyor for automatic loading, clamping, 180 degree rotation, upending, opening and unloading for automatic in process handling operations.
But assistant coach Dave Watson, who urged Moody to keep running, slipped on the wet turf and fell, with his feet upending Moody and knocking the back down hard to the turf.
Let Stand, the Decision Below Will Reverberate Through the Economy, Upending Settled Expectations of Both Businesses and the States
Such upending of traditional categories is routine for Trockel, who has spent a career developing a visual language that eschews what philosopher Richard Rorty calls "final vocabularies," or constellations of fixed and unquestioned words, images, and concepts.