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(ˌʌpɡreɪdəˈbɪlɪtɪ) or


the quality or state of being upgradable
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n (of computer system etc)Ausbaufähigkeit f, → Nachrüstbarkeit f
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Its flexibility and easy upgradability will allow TE to proactively manage the data explosion and develop new revenue streams--all while improving experience for their customers."
Featuring a 32-bit ARM processor with enhanced processing and memory capacity, it offers out of the box future-proofing with unparalleled levels of upgradability. It is the first IoT-Ready Profile 1 compliant IoT sensor on the market.
The X299 motherboard available on this rig supports 128GB RAM and has storage upgradability to up to 42TB.
The easy expansion and upgradability of Alula Connect+ ensures integration of smart devices, takeover of wired systems and communications to central stations via IP and cellular.
These experts were able to answer questions on service, speed, upgradability, alternatives for other technologies etc., demonstrating Picanol's competency and commitment in this area.
This SpiderCloud system is among the first enterprise scale small cell system to receive FCC authorization to deliver LTE-U capacity in unlicensed spectrum, while also supporting software upgradability to LTE-LAA.
"We are happy to provide NOORSAT with flexible, multichannel HD/SD solutions that allow them to adapt quickly to any current need, and whose ready upgradability also protects them against potential future changes."
Luckily, Google isn't ditching that tradition for the Pixel phones, and it will surely put a lot of users who prioritize upgradability at ease.
Backend factors are three in number and include technical specifications, operational costs and future proofing (upgradability and scalability).
"With a full upgradability path policy, new and existing customers can easily enjoy a major improvement in productivity and profitability while gaining a competitive edge.