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1. The process of growing upward.
2. Upward development.


1. the process of developing or growing upwards
2. a result of evolution or growth



1. the process of growing up.
2. something that grows or has grown in an upward direction.


n. crecimiento, desarrollo, maduración.
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PEEK implants can also be coated with hydroxyapatite or titanium to improve bone upgrowth or osseointegration.
The upgrowth of these cafes shows a world away from the frenetic, more congested, more populous life on the mainland, where these new cafes remain broadly unknown.
consumption of timber is out of all proportion to the natural upgrowth or even cultural renewal, of indigenous forests, and this disproportion of want to local supply will become greater and greater in the course of time, when denser settlements will be formed in those countries from whence our subsidiary or main timber supplies are now obtained.
Topicality of the problem under study is confirmed both by tremendous upgrowth of researches in the field of artificial intelligence and by their lively implementation into different fields of human activity.
php) CEO of UpGrowth , a property developer that still prominently displays the proposed project on its home page.
In the context of news organisations and institutions, the authors discuss the upgrowth of BBC News Online (Smart Allan and Einar Thorsen) and the emergence of online news in Latin America (Jairo Lugo-Ocando and Andres Canizalez).