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v. up·heaved, up·heav·ing, up·heaves
To lift forcefully from beneath; heave upward.
To be lifted or thrust upward.
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vb, -heaves, -heaving, -heaved or -hove
1. to heave or rise upwards
2. (Geological Science) geology to thrust (land) upwards or (of land) to be thrust upwards
3. (tr) to disturb violently; throw into disorder
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v. -heaved -hove, -heav•ing. v.t.
1. to heave or lift up; raise up or aloft.
2. to force or throw up violently or with much power, as an erupting volcano.
3. to rise upward, esp. extensively or powerfully.
up•heav′er, n.
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Past participle: upheaved/uphove
Gerund: upheaving

I upheave
you upheave
he/she/it upheaves
we upheave
you upheave
they upheave
I upheaved
you upheaved
he/she/it upheaved
we upheaved
you upheaved
they upheaved
Present Continuous
I am upheaving
you are upheaving
he/she/it is upheaving
we are upheaving
you are upheaving
they are upheaving
Present Perfect
I have upheaved/uphove
you have upheaved/uphove
he/she/it has upheaved/uphove
we have upheaved/uphove
you have upheaved/uphove
they have upheaved/uphove
Past Continuous
I was upheaving
you were upheaving
he/she/it was upheaving
we were upheaving
you were upheaving
they were upheaving
Past Perfect
I had upheaved/uphove
you had upheaved/uphove
he/she/it had upheaved/uphove
we had upheaved/uphove
you had upheaved/uphove
they had upheaved/uphove
I will upheave
you will upheave
he/she/it will upheave
we will upheave
you will upheave
they will upheave
Future Perfect
I will have upheaved/uphove
you will have upheaved/uphove
he/she/it will have upheaved/uphove
we will have upheaved/uphove
you will have upheaved/uphove
they will have upheaved/uphove
Future Continuous
I will be upheaving
you will be upheaving
he/she/it will be upheaving
we will be upheaving
you will be upheaving
they will be upheaving
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been upheaving
you have been upheaving
he/she/it has been upheaving
we have been upheaving
you have been upheaving
they have been upheaving
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been upheaving
you will have been upheaving
he/she/it will have been upheaving
we will have been upheaving
you will have been upheaving
they will have been upheaving
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been upheaving
you had been upheaving
he/she/it had been upheaving
we had been upheaving
you had been upheaving
they had been upheaving
I would upheave
you would upheave
he/she/it would upheave
we would upheave
you would upheave
they would upheave
Past Conditional
I would have upheaved/uphove
you would have upheaved/uphove
he/she/it would have upheaved/uphove
we would have upheaved/uphove
you would have upheaved/uphove
they would have upheaved/uphove
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Verb1.upheave - lift forcefully from beneathupheave - lift forcefully from beneath  
heave up, heft, heft up, heave - lift or elevate
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References in classic literature ?
The strange, upheaving, lifting tendency of the taffrail breeze filling the hollows of so many sails, made the buoyant, hovering deck to feel like air beneath the feet; while still she rushed along, as if two antagonistic influences were struggling in her --one to mount direct to heaven, the other to drive yawingly to some horizontal goal.
Look at Adam through the rest of the day, as he stands on the scaffolding with the two-feet ruler in his hand, whistling low while he considers how a difficulty about a floor-joist or a window-frame is to be overcome; or as he pushes one of the younger workmen aside and takes his place in upheaving a weight of timber, saying, "Let alone, lad!
There was an unfolding of vistas before him, a breaking of the ground beneath him, an upheaving, a stirring, a trembling; he felt himself suddenly a mere man no longer--there were powers within him undreamed of, there were demon forces contending, agelong wonders struggling to be born; and he sat oppressed with pain and joy, while a tingling stole down into his finger tips, and his breath came hard and fast.
Undulating hills were changed to valleys, undulating valleys (with a solitary storm-bird sometimes skimming through them) were lifted up to hills; masses of water shivered and shook the beach with a booming sound; every shape tumultuously rolled on, as soon as made, to change its shape and place, and beat another shape and place away; the ideal shore on the horizon, with its towers and buildings, rose and fell; the clouds fell fast and thick; I seemed to see a rending and upheaving of all nature.
The sea of black and threatening waters, and of destructive upheaving of wave against wave, whose depths were yet unfathomed and whose forces were yet unknown.
With a similar perverseness, the potatoes crumble off forks in the process of peeling, upheaving from their centres in every direction, as if they were subject to earthquakes.
In 'Discourses of the Island', Gillian Beer establishes the importance of the island as a form of space wherein to situate narratives: 'The double nature of the island--both a fragmentary upheaving of land from below the surface and a complete and autonomous form--is part of its imaginative attraction and makes it possible to play many nature/culture variations within its zone'.
In doing so, he hopes to "correct" his view of the world, which has become skewed by the company of "reformers and progressive people," with the help of "a new observation from that old standpoint." What appears to most bother him about his state of mind in Blithedale is that "[i]t was impossible, situated as we were, not to imbibe the idea that everything in nature and human existence was fluid, or fast becoming so; that the crust of the earth in many places was broken, and its whole surface portentously upheaving" (3: 140).
We primeval forests felling We the rivers stemming, vexing we, and piercing deep the mines within; We the surface broad surveying, we the virgin soil upheaving, Pioneers!
Chapter 2 adopts a qualitative approach to explain the temperature and moisture conditions under freeze and thaw and describes the resulting processes of cryosuction, needle ice formation, frost heaving and thaw settlement, ground cracking, upheaving of objects, sorting of earth materials, and weathering, with additional mention of karst and seawater in permafrost areas.
The underfloor heating system distributes tempered water to a bed of sand located beneath the concrete ice slab and keeps the subfloor above freezing (34[degrees]F to 38[degrees]F [1.1[degrees]C to 3.3[degrees]C]) to prevent the ice slab from cracking or upheaving.