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 (ŭp-hōl′stər, ə-pōl′-)
tr.v. up·hol·stered, up·hol·ster·ing, up·hol·sters
To supply (furniture) with stuffing, springs, cushions, and covering fabric.

[Back-formation from upholsterer.]
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1. (Furniture) (of chairs, seats, etc) having a soft comfortable covering
2. informal jocular fleshy or plump
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döşenmişkumaş kaplanmış


(apˈhəulstə) verb
to fit (seats) with springs, stuffing, covers etc. He upholstered the chair.
upˈholstered adjective
upholstered chairs.
upˈholsterer noun
a person who makes, repairs or sells upholstered furniture.
upˈholstery noun
1. the business or process of upholstering.
2. the springs, coverings etc of eg a chair. luxurious upholstery.
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References in classic literature ?
The furniture was upholstered in cloth of gold, with the royal crown embroidered upon it in scarlet.
When I sat at work I half-faced a deep, upholstered chair which stood at the end of my table, its high back against the wall.
It was an immense place, lofty and gilt, upholstered in red plush, full of electric lights and so thoroughly warmed that even the marble tables felt tepid to the touch.
Stroeve liked his ease, and in his studio were a couple of heavily upholstered arm-chairs and a large divan.
(through a door that was always open, and a looped- back yellow damask portiere) the unexpected vista of a bedroom with a huge low bed upholstered like a sofa, and a toilet-table with frivolous lace flounces and a gilt-framed mirror.
Tip, with the aid of the Saw-Horse, had brought a large, upholstered sofa to the roof.
The bitterest thought of all was that there were folks asleep in dry, upholstered cabins who would never learn that they had massacred a boat before breakfast.
The silver was everywhere thickly encrusted with diamonds and the seat was upholstered in white satin.
The furniture was framed in gold and upholstered in satin brocade and it consisted of easy chairs, divans and stools in great variety.
He was leaning a little back in a comfortably upholstered chair, with his eyes fixed on a certain empty spot upon the table.
The high-backed, luxuriously upholstered seat of brown leather gave her a sense of great comfort; yet even greater, it seemed to her, was the nearness and comfort of the man himself and of his body.
The bottom and sides, properly upholstered, formed a bed sufficiently soft to prevent the rolling of the ship turning this kind of cage into a rat-trap.