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A city of southern California east of Los Angeles at the foot of the San Gabriel Mountains.


 (ŭp′lənd, -lănd′)
1. Land or an area of land of high elevation, especially when level.
2. Land in the interior of a country.
Of, relating to, or located in an upland.


(Physical Geography) (often plural) an area of high or relatively high ground
(Physical Geography) relating to or situated in an upland


(ˈʌp lənd, -ˌlænd)

1. land elevated above other land.
2. the higher ground of a region or district; an elevated region.
3. land above the level where water flows or where flooding occurs.
4. of or pertaining to uplands or elevated regions.


(ˈʌp lənd)

a city in SW California, E of Los Angeles. 63,374.
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Noun1.upland - elevated (e.g., mountainous) landupland - elevated (e.g., mountainous) land  
down - (usually plural) a rolling treeless highland with little soil
natural elevation, elevation - a raised or elevated geological formation
plateau, tableland - a relatively flat highland
Adj.1.upland - used of high or hilly countryupland - used of high or hilly country  
lowland - of relatively low or level country


A. Ntierra f alta, meseta f uplandstierras fpl altas
B. ADJde la meseta


n (usu pl) → Hochland nt no pl
adjHochland-; upland areaHochlandgebiet nt
References in classic literature ?
The few bared open spaces on the upland, the long stretch of rocky ridge near the summit, so vivid and so velvety during their first journey, were now burnt and yellow; even the brief openings in the forest were seared as if by a hot iron in the scorching rays of a half year's sun.
The shepherd's dog barked fiercely when one of these alien-looking men appeared on the upland, dark against the early winter sunset; for what dog likes a figure bent under a heavy bag?
Some two hundred feet below, a brawling upland stream stood for the moat, and for the enemy there was on the opposite side of the valley a great green company of trees, settled like a cloud slope upon slope, making all haste to cross the river and ascend the heights where I stood.
They climbed the wooded slopes of Parnassus and soon reached its breezy upland valleys; but as the sun was beginning to beat upon the fields, fresh-risen from the slow still currents of Oceanus, they came to a mountain dell.
Their lodges were scattered in every direction, and their horses covered every hill for a great distance round, grazing upon the upland bunch grass which grew in great abundance, and though dry, retained its nutritious properties instead of losing them like other grasses in the autumn.
As upland shepherds that cannot chase some famished lion from a carcase, even so could not the two Ajaxes scare Hector son of Priam from the body of Patroclus.
At the time we are treating of, the grizzly bear was still frequent on the Missouri and in the lower country, but, like some of the broken tribes of the prairie, he has gradually fallen back before his enemies, and is now chiefly to be found in the upland regions, in rugged fastnesses like those of the Black Hills and the Rocky Mountains.
The children of the house tugged unrebuked at his rosary; and he clean forgot the Rule which forbids looking at women as he talked of enduring snows, landslips, blocked passes, the remote cliffs where men find sapphires and turquoise, and that wonderful upland road that leads at last into Great China itself.
Thence he passed to the huge and ferocious bird, the phororachus, and to the great elk which still roams upon this upland.
It had come--appearing suddenly from behind the forehead of the nearest upland, and stopping beside the boy with the barrow.
The country was hilly, with occasional fir plantations and bleak upland spaces, but also with numerous farms, and the hills were deeply intersected by the gorges of several winding rivers interrupted at intervals by the banked-up ponds and weirs of electric generating wheels.
He is refreshing himself, in the midst of dusty, sophisticated Paris, with memories of their old, delightful existence--vagabonde, libre, agreste, pastorale--in their upland valley.