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1. A communication channel through which a user transmits data to the internet.
2. A transmission path by which radio or other signals are sent to an aircraft, spacecraft, or a communications satellite.
tr.v. up·linked, up·link·ing, up·links
To transmit (data) by uplink.


(Broadcasting) the transmitter on the ground that sends signals up to a communications satellite



a transmission path for data or other signals from an earth station to a communications satellite.
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Noun1.uplink - a transmission from Earth to a spacecraft or the path of such a transmission
transmission - communication by means of transmitted signals


[ˈʌplɪŋk] nliaison f montante
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Since 2004, when the teleport operations first began, du has increased the number of uplinked TV channels, growing its current teleport facility by over 600 percent.
The movie will be uplinked through a transmitter on Earth and will be downloaded by the ISS to watch at their comfort.
The upgraded HD channel will be uplinked from Bosnia via Eutelsat's partner teleport "TEAM:MEDIA".
This played-out content located at the edge server was then uplinked to a satellite for distribution to a viewing audience in Hong Kong.
being uplinked by its current teleport facility has grown by 600% since it
Covering an area of 75,000 sq m, the facility will deliver a superior service to du customers with a focus on service reliability and close control and monitoring of services uplinked from there, said a statement from the company.
OmniAccess operates an advanced global VSAT network on over 22 satellite-beams in both C-band and Ku-band, uplinked from five teleport-locations in Spain, Germany, Chile, Australia and the USA.
Half is for uplinked data traffic, while the other have is for downlinked traffic.
Earlier on Friday, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India also decided to ban Zakir Naik's Peace TV, which is not licensed in India and is uplinked from Dubai.
It also has a hi- tech computer and an electromechanical activator installed in it, which are totally under the command of the data uplinked from the sophisticated ground- based radars.
Mobile platforms do not meet the upcoming ADS-B out equipment requirement, and without ADS-B output, ground uplinked traffic performance is limited.
Earlier, this year, he said that the UAE's first solar power plant Shams-1 commissioned in Madina Zayed was uplinked with the Abu Dhabi power grid.