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Appealing to or designed for high-income consumers; upscale: "He turned up in well-cut clothes ... and upmarket felt hats" (New Yorker).


(ˈʌpˌmɑr kɪt)

appealing or catering to high-income consumers; upscale: upmarket fashions.
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Adj.1.upmarket - designed for consumers with high incomes; "he turned up in well-cut clothes...and upmarket felt hats"- New Yorker
downmarket - designed for low-income consumers


adjective prestigious, important, prominent, esteemed, high-quality, notable, renowned, prestige, eminent, reputable She chose an upmarket agency aimed at professional people.


up-market [ˌʌpˈmɑːrkɪt]
adj (mainly British) [product, restaurant, hotel, resort] → haut de gamme inv
to move upmarket (gen)se repositionner à la hausse; [company] → se positionner sur le haut de gamme
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CHRISTMAS has come early for John Lewis Partnership after the upmarket department store chain notched up a 15.
Jewellery entrepreneur Gerald Rat-ner says Birmingham's jewellery firms must focus on high-value, upmarket good if they are to survive.
An upmarket move into Yarm turned sour for household linen company Seymours.
The upmarket store, based at the former studios of Richard and Judy's This Morning programme at the Albert Dock, employed around 30 people.
A company's upmarket offerings should reflect its goals and aspirations, but--judging from Acura's history--that extends no farther than maximizing plant efficiency.
He was manager of the upmarket Farleyer House Hotel, near Aberfeldy, Perthshire, until it closed two years ago.
I realise that the WTB is trying to push its visitor profile upmarket, but there are many times more potential downmarket visitors as upmarket ones.
Detailing is spare and elegant, characterised by a consistently thoughtful use of materials that manages to avoid the featureless anonymity of upmarket hotels or office lobbies.
Upmarket takes place each month on the second Sunday from 10am-4pm and showcases some of our best local and independent producers.
Auto Business News-April 8, 2011--Hyundai Motor Company to launch upmarket sub-brand(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.