upper airway obstruction

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up·per air·way ob·struc·tion

n. obstrucción en el conducto aéreo superior.
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Case report of Pierre Robin sequence with severe upper airway obstruction which was rescued by fiberoptic nasotracheal intubation.
Hence, this study was planned to assess the changes in pulmonary (lower airway) function after correction of nasal septal deviation (upper airway obstruction) by undergoing septoplasty.
Upper airway obstruction (n=9, 14.3 %) and the diagnoses were: congenital laryngotracheal malformation (n=4), acquired subglottic stenosis (n=3), Hunter syndrome with upper airway obstruction (n=1), and inhalation injury with upper airway obstruction (n=1).
They then started to suspect that his breathing problems were due to the overdose, and not an upper airway obstruction.
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Over the years, several techniques to prevent upper airway obstruction after surgery have been evaluated.
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These patients presented with persistent symptoms and therefore represent a population more likely to have upper airway obstruction. This group has a higher rate of adenoid revision compared to other studies in the literature which focus on revision rate alone.
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