upper airway obstruction

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up·per air·way ob·struc·tion

n. obstrucción en el conducto aéreo superior.
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Early diagnosis and intervention is important in children to prevent fatal complication like severe upper airway obstruction leading to morbidity and mortality due to this rare entity.
Upper airway obstruction as a complication of oral anticoagulation therapy.
Symptoms of upper airway obstruction vary depending on the cause (1), but some symptoms are common to all types of airway blockage.
We describe a previously unreported cause of lingual hematoma and subsequent upper airway obstruction requiring surgical intervention.
The choice of anaesthetic technique will be guided by the presence and severity of signs of upper airway obstruction.
PVCM can also present as acute upper airway obstruction.
Bilateral peritonsillar abscesses: Relief of upper airway obstruction by quinsy tonsillectomy.
Upper airway obstruction, although infrequent, is the commonest serious complication after adenotonsillectomy in children (12) The presence of co-morbidities increases the risk of adverse sequelae but the role of morbid obesity as an independent risk factor remains unclear (13).
2] in our patient was 99% until the occurrence of upper airway obstruction and it decreased rapidly to as low as 70% after tracheal intubation.
We describe a case of rapidly progressive life-threatening upper airway obstruction and skin burns in a child caused by accidental ingestion and spillage of 80% acetic acid.
Distraction osteogenesis has recently assumed an important role in the correction of craniofacial anomalies, particularly for the treatment of potentially life-threatening, deformity-associated upper airway obstruction and respiratory dysfunction in neonates.
Several cases of severe upper airway obstruction after airway anaesthesia in patients with previously compromised airway have been reported (2-6).