upper berth

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Noun1.upper berth - the higher of two berths
built in bed, bunk, berth - a bed on a ship or train; usually in tiers
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FROM that time out, we was with him 'most all the time, and one or t'other of us slept in his upper berth. He said he had been so lonesome, and it was such a comfort to him to have company, and somebody to talk to in his troubles.
The car being crowded, I had been forced to accept an upper berth. It was only the other day.
I just naturally left that upper berth, soared like a bird across the aisle, went through the glass of the window on the opposite side clean head- first, turned over and over through the ninety feet of fall more times than I like to remember, and by some sort of miracle was mostly flat-out in the air when I bull's-eyed that pool of water.
But before they got in I was up in the upper berth, cornered, and sorry I come.
My floating coffin was many things in turn; a railway carriage, a pleasure boat on the Thames, a hammock under the trees; last of all it was the upper berth in a not very sweet-smelling cabin, with a clatter of knives and forks near at hand, and a very strong odor of onions in the Irish stew.
Sheeta's great body hurtled against it before the catch engaged, and a moment later Kai Shang was gibbering and shrieking in the back of an upper berth.
THE UPPER BERTH of the Manila Polo Club was darkened and transformed into a magical Mt.
He was so worried about me that he gave me the upper berth on the plane usually reserved for ballerinas."
I was quite excited and I went on to the upper berth and napped for 10 minutes.
Summary: New Delhi [India], September 1 (ANI): Almost three months after she was allotted an upper berth while travelling by train from Nagpur to Delhi, para-athlete turned social worker Suvarna Raj had to go through the same situation on Friday.