upper berth

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Noun1.upper berth - the higher of two berths
built in bed, bunk, berth - a bed on a ship or train; usually in tiers
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FROM that time out, we was with him 'most all the time, and one or t'other of us slept in his upper berth.
The car being crowded, I had been forced to accept an upper berth.
I just naturally left that upper berth, soared like a bird across the aisle, went through the glass of the window on the opposite side clean head- first, turned over and over through the ninety feet of fall more times than I like to remember, and by some sort of miracle was mostly flat-out in the air when I bull's-eyed that pool of water.
But before they got in I was up in the upper berth, cornered, and sorry I come.
My floating coffin was many things in turn; a railway carriage, a pleasure boat on the Thames, a hammock under the trees; last of all it was the upper berth in a not very sweet-smelling cabin, with a clatter of knives and forks near at hand, and a very strong odor of onions in the Irish stew.
Sheeta's great body hurtled against it before the catch engaged, and a moment later Kai Shang was gibbering and shrieking in the back of an upper berth.
Summary: New Delhi [India], September 1 (ANI): Almost three months after she was allotted an upper berth while travelling by train from Nagpur to Delhi, para-athlete turned social worker Suvarna Raj had to go through the same situation on Friday.
THE UPPER BERTH of the Manila Polo Club was darkened and transformed into a magical Mt.
He was so worried about me that he gave me the upper berth on the plane usually reserved for ballerinas.
I was quite excited and I went on to the upper berth and napped for 10 minutes.
For decades, Pullman had the upper berth in the sleeping-car business.