Upper Chamber

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upper chamber

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) another name for an upper house
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horní sněmovna

Upper Chamber

n (Pol) the Upper Chamberla Camera Alta
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Gahan stood gazing at the lighted windows of the high tower in the upper chambers of which Tara of Helium was confined.
That, no doubt, now, is some amateur in hanging matters." At the same moment the cries and disturbance in the upper chambers ceased.
It lets in the wind and rain, and the Snow, too, in the garret and upper chambers, in winter-time, but it never lets in the sunshine.
They say to me,--'The Sainte-Marthe chamber.'--'Tis my upper chamber, my lords, my cleanest.
Tess, who used the upper chamber, heard it and awoke.
"At any other time," replied Telemachus, "I should have bidden you go to my own house, for you would find no want of hospitality; at the present moment, however, you would not be comfortable there, for I shall be away, and my mother will not see you; she does not often show herself even to the suitors, but sits at her loom weaving in an upper chamber, out of their way; but I can tell you a man whose house you can go to--I mean Eurymachus the son of Polybus, who is held in the highest estimation by every one in Ithaca.
"From the time of our alighting at the outer gate (which we found locked, and which one of the brothers had opened to admit us, and had relocked), I had heard cries proceeding from an upper chamber. I was conducted to this chamber straight, the cries growing louder as we ascended the stairs, and I found a patient in a high fever of the brain, lying on a bed.
'Then why -?' Kim paused before a filthy staircase that climbed to the warm darkness of an upper chamber, in the ward that is behind Azim Ullah's tobacco-shop.
Wilson followed him, as one who walks in his sleep; and they proceeded to a large upper chamber, where a new-made fire was crackling, and various servants flying about, putting finishing touches to the arrangements.
Astyoche a noble maiden bore them in the house of Actor son of Azeus; for she had gone with Mars secretly into an upper chamber, and he had lain with her.
In people with atrial fibrillation (afib), the heart's upper chambers quiver chaotically instead of beat in a steady rhythm with the lower chambers.
"About five million Americans have atrial fibrillation, the most common heart rhythm abnormality.Atrial fibrillation causes irregular, rapid, and ineffective beating of the upper chambers of the heart For many patients, controlling the heart rate and re-establishing the normal rhythm may be helpful.

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