upper house

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upper house

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (often capitals) one of the two houses of a bicameral legislature. Also called: upper chamber Compare lower house

up′per house′

one of two branches of a legislature, generally smaller and less representative than the lower branch.
horní sněmovna

Upper House

n the Upper House (in Britain) → la Camera Alta, la Camera dei Lords; (in US) → il Senato
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International best practices from the Upper Houses of Japan, Australia, US, Germany and Mexico are also provided along with the statistical facts to give them an overview of how Upper houses in the world are contributing in the budget process.
Islamabad -- The upper House of the Parliament has already started pre-budget preparation and latest data on PSDP allocations and releases have been submitted by the research wing of Senate Secretariat.
The complete document entailing the summary and details of PSDP allocations and releases, a comparative analysis on the role of the upper House in the budget process and the budget calendar 2015-16 has been circulated to all members of the Senate so that they can prepare their recommendations.
Both the lower and upper houses were urged to reform the electoral system after the top court ruled the disparity in the weight of votes in the 2009 House of Representatives election was in a state of unconstitutionality.
Japan's Supreme Court said Wednesday that the fivefold disparity in the weight of votes in the 2010 upper house election was "in a state of unconstitutionality.
Mutsuo Tahara, one of the three dissenting justices on the court's 15-member grand bench, said, "If the upper house election in 2013 is held under the current system, the court should consider it invalid.
Seventeen suits have been filed by lawyers across the country seeking to invalidate the 2010 upper house election.
The Diet's position as the highest organ of state power does not mean that the lower and upper houses can be made exempt to reform, especially when there is every reason to remove the factors that have rendered our parliamentary system inadequate and useless in some respects.
Issues facing both the lower and upper houses include a proposal to reduce pensions received by long-serving Diet members.
An important problem confronting the upper house is how to shore up the chamber's role in auditing each fiscal budget with the aim of determining whether the budget and government policies have been executed as initially planned.
The upper house is working to ensure that its Audit Committee calls a meeting with all Cabinet members present during the current ordinary Diet session, with the aim of examining tax revenues and expenditures under the fiscal 2001 budget.

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