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Noun1.upper jaw - the jaw in vertebrates that is fused to the craniumupper jaw - the jaw in vertebrates that is fused to the cranium
hard palate - the bony part of the roof of the mouth
intermaxillary suture, sutura intermaxillaris - the suture between the two maxillae of the upper jawbone
jaw - the part of the skull of a vertebrate that frames the mouth and holds the teeth

up·per jaw

n. mandíbula superior.
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It was an adult, as was known by its six rows of teeth placed in an isosceles triangle in the upper jaw.
But its most ferocious and repulsive feature is its jaws, the entire bony structure of which protrudes several inches beyond the flesh, revealing five sharp, spadelike teeth in the upper jaw and the same number of similar teeth in the lower, the whole suggesting the appearance of a rotting face from which much of the flesh has sloughed away.
Two of the front teeth, in the upper jaw, were false.
Ask that of God, my son," said Don Quixote; and do thou lead on where thou wilt, for this time I leave our lodging to thy choice; but reach me here thy hand, and feel with thy finger, and find out how many of my teeth and grinders are missing from this right side of the upper jaw, for it is there I feel the pain.
When the youth turned round he saw the point of the spear sticking up high above the Dragon's upper jaw, and knew that the other end must be fastened firmly to the ground; but the Dragon had got his teeth fixed in the iron horse, which was now useless.
He was an immemorial personage, who seemed always to have had a white head and wrinkles, and never to have possessed but a single tooth, and that a half-decayed one, in the front of the upper jaw.
He caught the snake behind the hood, forced the mouth open with the blade of the knife, and showed the terrible poison-fangs of the upper jaw lying black and withered in the gum.
In some, the tooth whorl is placed on the upper jaw, curling outward like a spiky elephant trunk.
Randall (2004) incorrectly reported the papillae set in pits, first reported by Hoese & Steene (1978) on the chin, as being behind the upper jaw.
Which large marine game fish has an elongated upper jaw forming a point?
Prafulchandra Hansaraj Pitroda, 55, had half his upper jaw, all of his lower jaw and a cheek removed in surgery to combat the spread of the disease in June last year.
Boro defender Emanuel Pogatetz is out for the rest of the season after breaking his nose and fracturing his maxilla, a bone near the upper jaw, in a clash of heads with Mladen Petric.

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