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Noun1.upper jaw - the jaw in vertebrates that is fused to the craniumupper jaw - the jaw in vertebrates that is fused to the cranium
hard palate - the bony part of the roof of the mouth
intermaxillary suture, sutura intermaxillaris - the suture between the two maxillae of the upper jawbone
jaw - the part of the skull of a vertebrate that frames the mouth and holds the teeth

up·per jaw

n. mandíbula superior.
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In June 2013, Kelly had surgery to remove cancerous cells in his upper jaw, with doctors installing a prosthesis to replace the teeth and bone removed during the surgery.
The upper jaw is believed to belong to homo sapiens, and its the first unearthed fossil of homo sapiens to be found outside Africa.
She had fractured cheek bones, eye sockets, nose and upper jaw, plus nine broken ribs.
I suppose I was 10, or perhaps a little younger, when it was discovered that I had impacted canines in my upper jaw.
You would think the upper jaw and the lower jaw grow pretty much in tandem, but strangely enough, they don't.
Or if there is not enough bone height in the upper jaw or the sinuses are too close to the jaw, you may require a sinus lift.
Miss Jones added: "I had a 36-hour long operation in April to remove my left eye and have my upper jaw and facial structure around the left side replaced with titanium.
The first two are in the upper jaw while the third is in the lower.
There was a significant difference in the average values of the upper jaw length between the patients with class II and III (t = 2.
Lyaan looked normal when she was born, but when she became four and five months old her upper face started showing deformities, with a retruded upper jaw," said Ali Halthy, Lyaan's father.
yunnanensis is distinguished from congeners in having the following combination of characters: skin smooth with complete lateral line, laterosensory pores haphazardly distributed in pairs; mouth sub-terminal with upper jaw slightly longer than the lower one; lips with papillae, adipose-fin short, with a low and smooth outer edge, posterior end of which rounded and separated from dorsal procurrent rays of caudal-fin by a remarkable notch; no pinnate like rays on caudal-fin rays; body depth at anus 14.
The ministry said in a press statement that four cases were admitted to the Palestine Medical Complex; one injury with a live ammunition injury, a rubber bullet in anothers upper jaw, and two suffocation cases.

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