upper mantle

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Noun1.upper mantle - the upper part of the mantleupper mantle - the upper part of the mantle  
layer - a relatively thin sheetlike expanse or region lying over or under another
mantle - the layer of the earth between the crust and the core
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Crust Upper mantle Lower mantle Outer core Inner core THE discovery that the centre of the Earth has two cores has left scientists doubly excited.
Ophiolites are rare sequences of rocks formed when tectonic forces pushed upward a section of the Earth's upper mantle, oceanic crust and overlying sediments.
Consistent with predictions of an adaptive evolutionary response in eye numbers driven by the need for visualizing objects in the water column, we found scallops had significantly more eyes on the upper mantle than on the lower mantle.
The volcanic rock formations including the Samail ophiolite (a large slab of oceanic crust that is made of volcanic rocks and ultramafic rocks from the Earth's upper mantle, which was thrust onto the continental crust as an ophiolite) in the eastern part of Oman contains significant copper-gold volcanic-associated massive sulphide mineralisation," he stated.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists have shown that deep sea fault zones could transport much larger amounts of water from Earth's oceans to the upper mantle than previously thought.
He said that the team believes that the upper mantle is rich in a mineral called olivine, but they don't see much olivine in the basin, asserting that's one of the big mysteries about the South Pole Aitken basin.
Volcanism on Mars controlled by early oxidation of the upper mantle.
2001) used the simultaneous inversion of broadband group velocity measurements to compile a seismic model of the crust and upper mantle beneath Antarctica and surrounding oceans.
The energy generated by Sandy is going to be used to image the crust and upper mantle under North America," says Koper.
The bottom line is that in 2008, we said the primitive water content in the lunar magmas should be similar to lavas coming from the Earth's depleted upper mantle," Saal said.
Lavas incorporate variable contributions from both trace-element-depleted upper mantle and trace element-enriched veins, blobs or streaks embedded in the depleted upper mantle.
the group velocity is less than the shear wave velocity in the upper mantle.