upper respiratory infection

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Noun1.upper respiratory infection - infection of the upper respiratory tract
respiratory infection, respiratory tract infection - any infection of the respiratory tract
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up·per res·pir·a·tor·y in·fec·tion

n. infección del tracto respiratorio superior.
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For primary care, the upper respiratory infection episodes are likely to have the biggest impact, Dr.
While the best way to prevent an upper respiratory infection is to avoid the virus from the beginning through simple steps, such as: regular hand washing, exercise, avoiding poorly ventilated areas and proximity to sick people, doctors all agree that reverting to a seasonal flu vaccine is necessary to avoid the influenza altogether.
People with low blood levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of colds and other upper respiratory infections, especially if they also have asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
But while a few children may have nausea or vomiting with flu, influenza is also an upper respiratory infection.
Montelukast or placebo was given at the first sign of asthma exacerbation or upper respiratory infection
The star has been forced to withdraw from tomorrow's event at the Wales Millennium Centre, in Cardiff Bay, because is suffering from an upper respiratory infection and laryngitis.
RULE OF LAW, who misses today's King Edward VII Stakes at Royal Ascot because of a a low-grade upper respiratory infection, could now go for the Irish Derby at the Curragh.
"The only preventative mechanism we know for ear infections is don't get an upper respiratory infection. And the way you avoid upper respiratory infection is don't rub your eye, don't pick your nose, don't eat anything without washing your hands, wash your hands a lot," said Setliff.
Acute bacterial rhinosinusitis is most often a complication of a viral upper respiratory infection (URI), occurring in about 2% of cases.
* Don't run in cold air when you have an upper respiratory infection.
After an initial examination earlier this week, doctors said Lee was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. Taiwan has been hit by a cold and flu epidemic in recent weeks.
Doctors insisted that President Yeltsin fly home from Central Asia a day ahead of schedule because he was suffering from an upper respiratory infection and had a mild fever.

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