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Adj.1.upper-level - at an elevated level in rank or importanceupper-level - at an elevated level in rank or importance; "a high-level official"; "a high-level corporate briefing"; "upper-level management"
superior - of or characteristic of high rank or importance; "a superior ruler"
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Construction on the nearly 30-year-old deck is to include patching of concrete on the upper level and the ceiling on the lower level; reconstructing the upper-level ramp and sidewalk for accessible entry; and replacing hand rails, sidewalks and drains.
Even the single-engine piston crowd, however, can get a ton of useful information from an upper-level winds chart.
Specifically, this paper examines the impact of term limits on the political skill of individuals seeking lower- and upper-level political positions.
Because of the changes in HB 5, students graduating in those years no longer have to take four years of social studies and will now be allowed to take an upper-level class tailored to their interests.
(2010), in the present study, 93 students in an upper-level cost accounting course were tested at the beginning of the semester to assess their retention of knowledge from the introductory course.
Similarly, decomposition methods of mathematical programming require the lower-level planning horizon to be a subset of the upper-level planning horizon as they rely on the structure of the overall mathematical model to break the "lower level" into a number of subproblems spanning the entire horizon considered at the "upper level." However, in the current research we recognize that the use of shorter planning periods on a lower level will generally cause the lower level's planning horizon to include some time prior to the start of the next higher level's planning horizon as shown in Fig.
Also based on Buchert et al.'s (2008) findings that freshmen project a more positive attitude than upper-level students toward the class, we hypothesized that upper-level students would rate measures of course and instructor difficulty higher than freshmen would rate them.
After one of the warmest autumns on record in the Mojave Desert, a drastic shift in the upper air pattern took place in mid-December 2008 as a deep, upper-level trough established itself across the western United States.
A major project to fully repave the upper-level lanes of the George Washington Bridge began this week.
The study involved the administration of the survey to 483 upper-level undergraduate and graduate students at a medium size regional comprehensive university.