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Adj.1.upper-middle-class - occupying the upper part of the middle socioeconomic range in a society
middle-class - occupying a socioeconomic position intermediate between those of the lower classes and the wealthy
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That's the argument of a new book by Brookings Institution senior fellow Richard Reeves, who points to evidence that upper-middle-class families are hoarding the American dream as they pull away from everyone else on measures of income, education, health, and family structure.
Furthermore, few Americans call themselves upper class, and the percentage who choose the upper-middle-class label is not materially higher than it was from 2000 through 2008.
Lacy conducted in-depth interviews with 30 couples (all given fictional names) and mingled extensively in their communities: one that was predominantly White middle-class, one that was pre-dominantly Black middle-class and one that was majority-Black and upper-middle-class.
Oh, but wait, that's when the government is supposed to step in and protect upper-middle-class residents from wealthier ones.
Unlike other more marginal, earnest, crunchy-granola billeting, this was a solid, upper-middle-class suburban house in a very straight neighborhood far from the homo-heights section of town.
Donovan was born on April 10, 1953 and grew up in upper-middle-class Westport, Connecticut.
IN AN ALARMING sin of omission, pollsters have yet to tell us anything definitive about the so-called Mommy Wars, that haft-imagined battle between the working mothers of overscheduled upper-middle-class children and the stay-at-home mothers of overscheduled upper-middleclass children.
Over the course of the 19th century, Hunter writes, "middle- and upper-middle-class daughters of the urban Northeast stopped doing substantial housework" (11).
He discusses the Bloomsbury Group, "a privileged circle of upper-middle-class writers, artists, and philosophers," and the effect of their "progressive social attitudes" on the young Virginia Woolf.
Last year's drama Spanglish featured a Mexican maid as its central plot device, but only as a corollary to a crisis in an upper-middle-class marriage.
The San Fernando Valley, the collection of middle- and upper-middle-class neighborhoods and industrial parks that sprawls along the arid flatlands behind the Hollywood sign, is notorious as an ur-suburb, the location of the Brady Bunch split-level manse and other faux sitcom residences.
There are some elements that are true, but by and large, this story can only be told about upper-middle-class neighborhoods outside major metropolitan areas with first-class performance organizations--during a time when one parent worked and could get home in time to pick up his spouse and return downtown by 8:00 P.