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adv. & adj.
Toward or near the source of a river; in the direction opposite to that of the current: rowing upriver; upriver rapids.


adj, adv
(Physical Geography) towards or near the source of a river
(Physical Geography) an area located upstream


(ˈʌpˈrɪv ər)

adv., adj.
in the direction of or nearer the source of a river.
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Adv.1.upriver - toward the source or against the currentupriver - toward the source or against the current
downriver, downstream - away from the source or with the current


advflussaufwärts; 2 miles upriver from Fen Ditton2 Meilen flussaufwärts von Fen Ditton
adj placeflussaufwärts gelegen; an upriver journeyeine Reise flussaufwärts
References in classic literature ?
They swarmed about Tarzan's craft; but when they saw the nature of the enemy all but one turned and paddled swiftly upriver.
Yes, there are more bridges upriver, but we're concentrating on the ones linking Newcastle and Gateshead.
If this was the oldest and original crossing point between Newcastle and Gateshead,the hydraulic Swing Bridge, with its ingenious engineering opened in 1876, allowing large ships to sail upriver for the first time, enabling them to reach Armstrong's giant Elswick works and Dunston Staiths as Tyneside industry boomed.
Work scope covers dredging nearly 4 million cubic yards of material from the mouth of the Columbia River and upriver locations plus the Humboldt Harbor entrance in Eureka, California.
WATCHING one of the small passenger boats that run from Cardiff Bay arriving at the jetty by Canton Bridge yesterday I thought how much more of a pleasant and interesting trip it would be if it were possible for the boats to carry on upriver to Llandaff Cathedral, the passengers being able to visit the cathedral and Llandaff itself.
Upriver Journeys: Diaspora and Empire in Southern China, 1570-1850
Which fish makes an arduous upriver journey to spawn in the place it was spawned?
A total of 33 barge tows hauling commodities including oil and grain were waiting to pass through the closed section of the key shipping waterway, 10 of them heading downriver and 23 upriver, the Coast Guard said.
After six years of digging, crews will have removed most of the PCBs on the river bottom discharged decades ago from two GE plants upriver.
I'm going upriver to see who's throwing babies into the river.
At the upriver site Semotilus corporate (fallfish) (n = 190), Exoglossum maxillingua (cutlip minnow) (n = 171), and Luxilus comutus (common shiner) (n = 141) were collected in adequate numbers to represent their diel feeding ecology.
Eugene Water & Electric Board's upriver customers worried about a potential service territory transfer can breathe a sigh of relief.