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adv. & adj.
Toward or near the source of a river; in the direction opposite to that of the current: rowing upriver; upriver rapids.
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adj, adv
(Physical Geography) towards or near the source of a river
(Physical Geography) an area located upstream
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(ˈʌpˈrɪv ər)

adv., adj.
in the direction of or nearer the source of a river.
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Adv.1.upriver - toward the source or against the currentupriver - toward the source or against the current
downriver, downstream - away from the source or with the current
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advflussaufwärts; 2 miles upriver from Fen Ditton2 Meilen flussaufwärts von Fen Ditton
adj placeflussaufwärts gelegen; an upriver journeyeine Reise flussaufwärts
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They swarmed about Tarzan's craft; but when they saw the nature of the enemy all but one turned and paddled swiftly upriver. That one came too close to the ape-man's craft before its occupants realized that their fellows were pitted against demons instead of men.
LEABURG - Eugene Water & Electric Board's upriver customers gave the utility's commissioners a clear message Tuesday night: They love EWEB.
North Wales Hydro Power (NWHP) is seeking planning consent for a small scheme two miles upriver of St Asaph.
This follows the recent announcement of similar byelaws on the River Wye and is aimed at allowing more migratory fish to survive and spawn upstream to produce more juvenile fish to boost the population in these rivers, where the salmon and sea trout fishing has been improving over recent years and EA Wales has invested in building fish passes and removing barriers so that fish can move upriver for spawning.
Egypt, threatened by rising temperatures and a growing population, is almost entirely dependent on the Nile for its water and has been nervously watching hydropower dam projects take shape in upriver nations.
There are a number of areas, starting off the tips of the Mayport jetties and upriver to the Dames Point Bridge, where you can routinely find the fish.
Settlers upriver progressively dammed and diverted the water for their own use, however, forcing the Pima out of the market into a subsistence economy.
He favors a slow, upriver presentation, powered by his bowmount electric or kicker outboard, depending on the current's strength.
Further upriver, meanwhile, a new bridge slowly assumes its intriguing shape amid the iconic crossings that link Gateshead and Newcastle.
Two options are a 10-mile barrier stretching from Cardiff to Weston-super-Mare with a price tag of an estimated pounds 15 billion, and a smaller "shoots" barrage further upriver which would cost about pounds 1.5 billion.
The ship was making its way upriver to the port town of Sampit when flames broke out on the top passenger deck.
"However, there is a known scheme involving the wet washlands just north west of Shrewsbury whereby a dam could be built to control the flow of water from upriver.