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adv. & adj.
Toward or near the source of a river; in the direction opposite to that of the current: rowing upriver; upriver rapids.


adj, adv
(Physical Geography) towards or near the source of a river
(Physical Geography) an area located upstream


(ˈʌpˈrɪv ər)

adv., adj.
in the direction of or nearer the source of a river.
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Adv.1.upriver - toward the source or against the currentupriver - toward the source or against the current
downriver, downstream - away from the source or with the current


advflussaufwärts; 2 miles upriver from Fen Ditton2 Meilen flussaufwärts von Fen Ditton
adj placeflussaufwärts gelegen; an upriver journeyeine Reise flussaufwärts
References in classic literature ?
They swarmed about Tarzan's craft; but when they saw the nature of the enemy all but one turned and paddled swiftly upriver.
In the distance can be seen the North Shields ferry landing and also a paddle tug busy heading upriver with a tow.
The increase in the number of clubs in the league from 141 to 162 has also, ironically, dealt some sides a blow as is the case in the Towy Valley where the re-formation of Llandeilo Youth has affected recruitment 12 miles upriver at Llandovery.
The goal is total continuity from the mouth upriver,'' Brand said.
PECO Energy was honored for building, at a cost of more than $13 million, and operating two fish lifts at its Conowingo Hydro Station to provide safe passageway for migratory fish upriver to natural spawning areas.
After hearing from upriver residents at the special meeting, the commissioners made a motion to locate the landing near the bridge but then tabled it until a Feb.
The funnel of another can be seen on the right and a third is in the distance making her way upriver.
To add to their woes, the rainy season makes travelling upriver highly dangerous, not helped by the fact that they've hired a leaky old tub helmed by grouchy Bill Johnson (Johnny Messner).
Farther upriver, Glen Canyon Dam's diversion tunnel linings were severely damaged, but Hoover Dam's half-century-old construction barely flinched.
The "elevator-like" fish lifts provide passage above Conowingo and three other upriver dams for American shad, a popular migratory and once-endangered species.
EWEB officials will share the report and its recommendations with upriver residents at an informational meeting Thursday in Vida.
Managing director David Fozard said: "In addition to our popular existing cruises, the new vessel now provides the opportunity to sail upriver into the beautiful countryside of the Tyne Valley.