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Of, intended for, or relating to high-income consumers: an upscale neighborhood; upscale fashions.
v. (also ŭp-skāl′) up·scaled, up·scal·ing, up·scales
1. To raise to a higher level; upgrade.
2. To increase the resolution of (a video signal).
3. To redesign or market for higher-income consumers: "the upscaling of TV dinners [to] savory, low-calorie entrées" (Bernice Kanner).
1. To make a change in favor of something larger or more expensive: "She upscaled to a three-bedroom out on Boulder Highway" (David Corbett).
2. To become more prosperous: "The neighborhood is changing, upscaling but in an ungainly way" (Carol Anshaw).
3. To increase the resolution of a video signal.


of or for the upper end of an economic or social scale; up-market
(tr) to increase the scale of



of, for, or designating people at the upper end of a social or economic scale.
[1970–75, Amer.]
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Adj.1.upscale - appropriate for people with good incomesupscale - appropriate for people with good incomes; "an upscale neighborhood"; "an upscale motel"
upmarket - designed for consumers with high incomes; "he turned up in well-cut clothes...and upmarket felt hats"- New Yorker


adj (US) → anspruchsvoll; goods, productshochwertig; restaurant, hotelder gehobenen Preisklasse
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Upscale Latinos have demonstrated significant upward mobility across the upscale economy, making them an enormous opportunity for growth for U.
If upscale products are the future, what is HEINEKEN USA doing to gain consumer awareness, sales and profits?
Jones said the sales of houses in the upscale market have not dropped as significantly as in other markets because affluent buyers are less affected by market pressures.
The best fit appears to be a proposal by Andres Visnapuu, a Seguin Township resident, for an upscale RV Park, condominium development and marina.
Biederman points to the scheduled opening later this year of Artemis, a cavernous upscale Greek restaurant which will front Broadway in the Holiday Inn Martinique.
Van Buren, Chicago, 312-427-9290): Slightly upscale at night, offering a beer garden and lounge.
20 when the men burst into the upscale Brandywine restaurant on Ventura Boulevard in Woodland Hills.
With an anticipated opening in October 2008, the 10-story, upscale, full-service hotel and 77,300-gross-square-foot conference center will be the first of their kind in San Marcos.
In 2012, Upscale Latinos accounted for 29 percent, or 15 million, of the U.
More importantly, the upscale category resonates with a majority of consumers, in fact, nearly 75% of consumers buy upscale at some point, compared to just 61% who buy mainstream beer.
We're delighted to be creating these new communities, which will help fill that void with luxury homes that blend expansive living spaces with upscale finishes and appointments.
The future upscale shopping destination will provide a mix of entertainment, restaurants and national and local retailers for the community and tourists of the area ski resorts.