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The practice of offering customers additional or more expensive products or services after they have already agreed to buy something.

up′sell′ v.
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Fondly nicknamed 'The Fairmont Kid' by industry colleagues for his nearly decade-long loyalty to the company, Adel's positive impact on colleagues and personal initiatives on the guest experience were commended by the judges, along with his outstanding upselling skills contributing to the hotel's room revenue and earning him the title of 'Upselling Champion'.
The report said that a survey of 2,055 UK adults found that 18 to 24-year-olds were the most likely to experience upselling.
A recent report by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) draws attention to the practice of upselling in the food industry, particularly in restaurants and fast food outlets," he said.
It has released a new poll of more than 2,000 UK adults which reveals eight of 10 people experience upselling every week.
But while many people think they are getting a bargain, experts have issued a stark warning after research by a Welsh health board found eight out of 10 people experience this kind of upselling every week.
Those who succumb to upselling get an extra 55% more calories on average by paying just a fraction more: scaling up the meal or the coffee or buying a cut-price larger chocolate bar raises the cost by an average of 17%, says the report.
Our customer service representatives use Compass in our call center to improve customer care and subscriber experience, while my marketing team uses Compass to identify opportunities for service upselling.
The same CPQ functionality also allows sales-people to upsell at the right time and with the right upselling offers.
For field reps who are strictly assigned to servicing customers, there should be financial rewards for upselling activities.
Drawing on its track record of helping hotels in all markets generate measurable and sustainable increases in incremental revenue and RevPAR, TSA provides partners with specially designed programs that range from empowering the hotel team with Front Desk Upselling programs that build additional profits, to identify opportunities and threats to maximize upsell potential.
Upselling of this kind -- often called ''suggestive selling'' in the fast-food world -- is common.
The concept of upselling is more complex than you might first think, especially if you're still caught in the "You want fries with that?