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intr.v. up·shift·ed, up·shift·ing, up·shifts
To shift a motor vehicle into a higher gear.

up′shift′ n.


vb (tr)
(of vehicles) to move up a gear


to shift (an automotive transmission or vehicle) into a higher gear.
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When he predictably upshifted from first gear suddenly to fourth--and then stumbled--I asked what his goal was.
Revving the motor in first gear to make sure the 41-year-old beast would stay awake, he upshifted to second, then third, forcing the rear wheel of the tiny bike to spin faster and faster against the big wheel with which it was making contact.
Imagine if your car's automatic transmission routinely upshifted only at the high RPMs of full-throttle acceleration, no matter how leisurely you were driving.
Out on the high-speed oval portion of the course Tiptronic upshifted smoothy, but still lacked the rocketship acceleration of the six-speed manual.
Rather, an effect opposite to positive contrast was obtained, that is, lower performance of upshifted subjects relative to large-reward controls.