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v. up·sized, up·siz·ing, up·siz·es
To become greater or larger: "the chief executives ... saw the combined value of their share options upsize by $36.6 million on the day [the] layoffs were announced" (The Economist).
To make greater or larger: "My plan will ... upsize the amount of money Americans get to keep" (Bob Dole).


vb (tr)
1. (Industrial Relations & HR Terms) to increase the operating costs of (a company) by increasing the number of people it employs
2. (Marketing) to increase the size of or produce a larger version of (something)
[C20: modelled on downsize]


v.i., v.t. -sized, -sizing.
to increase in size, as by hiring additional employees; expand: to upsize a business.
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HOUSTON, TEXAS: Cadence Bancorporation announced the upsize and pricing of its registered public secondary offering.
BUYERS looking to upsize can browse some of the larger homes available in a new and accessible Newcastle development.
The 15,800,000 share offering represents a 1,000,000 share upsize to the originally proposed 14,800,000 share offering.
Notably the larger A321neo model took a lion's share of the single-aisle announcements - with firm selections from three airlines for 140 aircraft, reflecting the trend for airlines to upsize to larger single-aisle aircraft.
Doha Bank was able to upsize the facility from the original $500mn targeted due to excellent support from its relationship bank group, according to its group chief executive Seetharaman
As a result, Regency and AE-MidCo will upsize the project to accommodate over 2 Bcf/d of firm volume commitments.
HOUSEBUILDER Taylor Wimpey says the Government-backed Help to Buy initiative has proven a hit with buyers looking to upsize in the Redcar and Cleveland area.
In Billings, MT, water pipes were similarly deteriorated, but the city wanted to upsize the 8-inch diameter to 12 inches.
The move to extend the Stamp Duty threshold for first-time buyers, as outlined in the recent pre-election budget, should offer buyers a much needed saving on their first home purchase and prompt those looking to upsize from starter homes to put their property on the market.
If AvtoVAZ management's plan to upsize the auto maker's share capital by RUB 70 billion, or USD 2.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-August 11, 2016-iStar to upsize senior secured credit facility
HOMEOWNERS in Wales looking to upsize their homes can expect to pay less than the UK average in order to take the next step up the property ladder, according to research by Barclays.