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Adj.1.upstair - on or of upper floors of a buildingupstair - on or of upper floors of a building; "the upstairs maid"; "an upstairs room"
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Those upstairs waited for the drink, but Clever Elsie still did not come.
"What is it?" said Maggie, when they were outside the door, a slight suspicion crossing her mind as she remembered Tom's preliminary visit upstairs. "It isn't a trick you're going to play me, now?"
They came from one of the rooms upstairs. It was Nutty speaking now, and it was impossible for Bill not to hear what he said, for Nutty had abandoned his customary drawl in favour of a high, excited tone.
After the usual exclamations she assured me that everything was ready for me upstairs, had been for days, and offered to get me something to eat at once.
She is still upstairs; and I am quite ready to accompany you.'
We shall carry her upstairs, and then I shall send my girls in to her.
After a parley in the hall, someone came upstairs, and Vronsky's steps could be heard passing the drawing room.
'--Of SHOES, sir,' said Giles, turning upon him, and laying great emphasis on the word; 'seized the loaded pistol that always goes upstairs with the plate-basket; and walked on tiptoes to his room.
There's no comfort for me no more," she went on, the tears coming when she began to speak, "now thy poor feyther's gone, as I'n washed for and mended, an' got's victual for him for thirty 'ear, an' him allays so pleased wi' iverything I done for him, an' used to be so handy an' do the jobs for me when I war ill an' cumbered wi' th' babby, an' made me the posset an' brought it upstairs as proud as could be, an' carried the lad as war as heavy as two children for five mile an' ne'er grumbled, all the way to Warson Wake, 'cause I wanted to go an' see my sister, as war dead an' gone the very next Christmas as e'er come.
One day she went quickly upstairs and found herself out of breath.
The parlor's in there and there's two rooms upstairs. Just prowl about yourselves.
"Really, mother," he had assured Nina Alexandrovna upstairs, "really you had better let him drink.