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The northerly section of a state in the United States.
adv. & adj.
To, from, or in the northerly section of a state: drove upstate on vacation; went fishing in upstate New York.

up′stat′er n.


adj, adv
(Physical Geography) towards, in, from, or relating to the outlying or northern sections of a state, esp of New York State
(Physical Geography) the outlying, esp northern, sections of a state
ˈupˈstater n



1. the part of a state that is farther north or farther from the chief city, esp. the northerly part of New York State.
2. of or coming from such an area.
3. in, to, or toward an upstate area.
[1900–05, Amer.]
up′stat′er, n.
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Adv.1.upstate - in or toward the northern parts of a stateupstate - in or toward the northern parts of a state; "he lives upstate New York"


[ˈʌpˈsteɪt] (US)
A. Ninterior m
C. ADV [be] → en el interior; [go] → al interior


adjim Norden (des Bundesstaates); to live in upstate New Yorkim Norden des Staates New York wohnen
advim Norden (des Bundesstaates); (with movement) → in den Norden (des Bundesstaates)
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Upstate real estate brokers, as well as brokers in parts of New Jersey and Connecticut, have for a long time had much greater involvement in the preparation of real estate agreements.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 30, 2011-Verizon announces new cell site activation in Essex county, Upstate New York(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
The watershed protection plan will cost rate payers $560 million over five years, with $210 million devoted to acquisition of undeveloped land near upstate reservoirs, streams, wetlands and watercourses considered sensitive to the quality of New York City's drinking water.
The city is under Federal mandates to construct a filtration system and to protect the upstate reservoir systems.
The Genesee County Economic Development Center has approved reassigning the terms of previously approved payments in lieu of taxes for Upstate Niagara Cooperative.
Upstate industries have invested more than $20 billion and announced nearly 63,000 new jobs in the last 13 years.