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1. Toward or closer to the source of a stream; in the direction opposite to that of the current: paddling upstream.
2. At an earlier point in a production process or supply chain.
1. Being or moving closer to the source of a stream; in the direction opposite to that of the current: upstream traffic; an upstream dam.
2. Earlier in a production process or supply chain.
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adv, adj
1. (Physical Geography) in or towards the higher part of a stream; against the current
2. (Commerce) (in the oil industry) of or for any of the stages prior to oil production, such as exploration or research. Compare downstream2
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1. toward or in the higher part of a stream; against the current.
2. directed or situated upstream.
3. against or opposite to the direction of transcription, translation, or synthesis of a DNA, RNA, or protein molecule.
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Adj.1.upstream - in the direction against a stream's currentupstream - in the direction against a stream's current
downstream - in the direction of a stream's current
Adv.1.upstream - toward the source or against the currentupstream - toward the source or against the current
downriver, downstream - away from the source or with the current
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ضِد التيّار
proti proudu
ár2: ár ellen
upp ána/meî ánni
akıntıya karşıkaynağına doğru


[ˈʌpˈstriːm] ADVrío arriba
to go upstreamir río arriba
to swim upstreamnadar contra la corriente
a town upstream from Windsoruna ciudad más arriba de Windsor
about three miles upstream from Windsorunas tres millas más arriba de Windsor
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[ˌʌpˈstriːm] adven amont
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advflussaufwärts; 3 kms upstream from Henley3 km flussaufwärts von Henley
adj placeflussaufwärts gelegen
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[ˌʌpˈstriːm] adv (be) → a monte; (swim) → controcorrente
to sail upstream → risalire la corrente
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(ap) adverb, adjective
1. to, or at, a higher or better position. Is the elevator going up?; The office is up on the top floor; She looked up at him; The price of coffee is up again.
2. erect. Sit/Stand up; He got up from his chair.
3. out of bed. What time do you get up?; I'll be up all night finishing this work.
4. to the place or person mentioned or understood. A taxi drove up and she got in; He came up (to me) and shook hands.
5. into the presence, or consideration, of a person, group of people etc. He brought up the subject during the conversation.
6. to an increased degree eg of loudness, speed etc. Please turn the radio up a little!; Speak up! I can't hear you
7. used to indicate completeness; throughly or finally. You'll end up in hospital if you don't drive more carefully; Help me wash up the dishes!; I've used up the whole supply of paper; He tore up the letter.
1. to or at a higher level on. He climbed up the tree.
2. (at a place) along. They walked up the street; Their house is up the road.
3. towards the source of (a river). When do the salmon start swimming up the river?
verbpast tense, past participle upped
to increase (a price etc). They upped the price that they wanted for their house.
ˈupward adjective
going up or directed up. They took the upward path; an upward glance.
ˈupward(s) adverb
(facing) towards a higher place or level. He was lying on the floor face upwards; The path led upwards.
ˌup-and-ˈcoming adjective
(of eg a person starting a career) progressing well. an up-and-coming young doctor.
ˌupˈhill adverb
up a slope. We travelled uphill for several hours.
1. sloping upwards; ascending. an uphill road.
2. difficult. This will be an uphill struggle.
ˌupˈstairs adverb
on or to an upper floor. His room is upstairs; She went upstairs to her bedroom.
nounplural upˈstairs
the upper floor(s). The ground floor needs painting, but the upstairs is nice; (also adjective) an upstairs sitting room.
upˈstream adverb
towards the upper part or source of a stream, river etc. Salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs.
be up and about
to be out of bed. I've been up and about for hours; Is she up and about again after her accident?
be up to
1. to be busy or occupied with (an activity etc). What is he up to now?
2. to be capable of. He isn't quite up to the job.
3. to reach the standard of. This work isn't up to your best.
4. to be the duty or privilege of. It's up to you to decide; The final choice is up to him.
up to
as far, or as much, as. He counted up to 100; Up to now, the work has been easy.
up to date
1. completed etc up to the present time. Is the catalogue up to date?
2. modern and in touch with the latest ideas. This method is up to date.
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References in classic literature ?
Then we set out in the launch, turning her nose upstream. When I had told Delcarte and Taylor that I intended searching for the girl, neither had demurred.
She could not have forced the heavy dugout upstream against it, and all that was left her was to attempt either to make the shore without being seen by those upon the deck of the Kincaid, or to throw herself upon their mercy--otherwise she must be swept out to sea.
It had been imagined that she "would not know," and would think she was traveling upstream. She!
"We must keep upstream. You see, sir," he went on, "if once we dropped to leeward of the landing-place, it's hard to say where we should get ashore, besides the chance of being boarded by the gigs; whereas, the way we go the current must slacken, and then we can dodge back along the shore."
I crossed the bridge and went upstream along the wooded shore to a pleasant dressing-room I knew among the dogwood bushes, all overgrown with wild grapevines.
You can't back a raft upstream, you can't hurry it downstream, you can't scatter out to one side when you haven't any room to speak of, you won't take to the perpendicular cliffs on the other shore when they appear to be blasting there, too.
In another moment a huge wave, like a muddy tidal bore but almost scaldingly hot, came sweeping round the bend upstream. I saw people struggling shorewards, and heard their screaming and shouting faintly above the seething and roar of the Martian's collapse.
Finally we had the satisfaction of seeing the vessel rise out of the mud and float slowly upstream with the tide.
A water-pipe, usually above ground, paralleled the trail, which he concluded led upstream to the bed of the creek.
Above the noise of the water, as it swirled round the elephant's legs, Little Toomai could hear more splashing and some trumpeting both upstream and down--great grunts and angry snortings, and all the mist about him seemed to be full of rolling, wavy shadows.
Not only could any of them easily outdistance the U-33, but the further upstream we progressed the greater the number of our besiegers, until fearful of navigating a strange river at high speed, I gave orders to reduce and moved slowly and majestically through the plunging, hissing mass.
A moment later he had rejoined the girl and hand in hand they were following the dark corridor upstream toward the farther end of the city.

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