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adj. Slang
1. Tense; nervous: was uptight about turning 50.
2. Rigidly conventional, as in manners, opinions, and tastes: "[She] struck some as uptight or even prissy, a person so private she could be hard to read" (Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson).

up′tight′ness n.
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the quality or state of being uptight
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But while ze possesses a careful awareness of the necessity of discretion, ze doesn't exhibit significant self-doubt, guilt, or shame about sex or romantic love that I would expect from a young person growing up in a small town of even average religiosity and sexual uptightness in the US.
It's also something of a real ale destination - but without the uptightness that can sometimes entail.
There are many very strong similarities, for instance this uptightness that we Germans have, too.
In those days, and it was the early sixties, after all, many young people like Stewart seemed, not by their political activism, but just by being their enlightened selves, by embodying a different way of being in the world, to promise an end to the bigotry and sectarianism that were ubiquitous in the North, and to the widespread uptightness and defensiveness that meant you had to watch what you said, and consequently could easily end up saying nothing at all.
"It was a sketch about my personal uptightness and his easy-going nature and we took it on tour.
"But I felt that we could achieve his uptightness with the acting.
His future is uncertain: to stay in this country with it's track record of official uptightness, wedding the piano teacher and stretching the notion of queer marriage; or deportation and an unclear future in Manila where an uncontrollable fire recently ripped through Quezon City; or skipping out all together and heading down the Pacific coast to the States.