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adv. or up·wards (-wərdz)
1. In, to, or toward a higher place, level, or position: flying upward.
2. Toward a higher position in a hierarchy or on a socioeconomic scale: a young executive moving upward fast.
3. Toward the head or upper parts: bare from the waist upward.
4. Toward a higher amount, degree, or rank: Prices soared upward.
5. Toward a later time or age: from adolescence upward.
Directed toward a higher place or position: upward movement.
upward/upwards of
More than; in excess of: "the onslaught of upwards of seventy divisions" (Winston S. Churchill).

up′ward·ly adv.
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directed or moving towards a higher point or level
a variant of upwards
ˈupwardly adv
ˈupwardness n
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(ˈʌp wərd)

adv. Also, up′wards.
1. toward a higher place or position: birds flying upward.
2. toward a higher or more distinguished condition, rank, level, etc.
3. beyond; more.
4. toward a large city, the source or origin of a stream, or the interior of a country or region.
5. in the upper parts; above.
6. moving or tending upward; directed at or situated in a higher place or position.
upward(s) of, more than.
[before 900]
up′ward•ly, adv.
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1. 'upwards'

In British English, if you move or look upwards, you move or look towards a place that is higher than the place where you are.

She stretched upwards to the curtain pole.
He had happened to look upwards.

Upwards is always an adverb.

2. 'upward'

Speakers of American English usually say upward instead of 'upwards'.

I began to climb upward over the steepest ground.

In both British and American English, upward is an adjective. An upward movement or look is one in which someone or something moves or looks upwards.

...a quick upward flick of the arm.
He would steal upward glances at the clock.

When upward is an adjective, you can only use it in front of a noun.

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Adj.1.upward - directed upupward - directed up; "the cards were face upward"; "an upward stroke of the pen"
up - being or moving higher in position or greater in some value; being above a former position or level; "the anchor is up"; "the sun is up"; "he lay face up"; "he is up by a pawn"; "the market is up"; "the corn is up"
2.upward - extending or moving toward a higher placeupward - extending or moving toward a higher place; "the up staircase"; "a general upward movement of fish"
ascending - moving or going or growing upward; "the ascending plane"; "the ascending staircase"; "the ascending stems of chickweed"
Adv.1.upward - spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher positionupward - spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position; "look up!"; "the music surged up"; "the fragments flew upwards"; "prices soared upwards"; "upwardly mobile"
down, downward, downwardly, downwards - spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position; "don't fall down"; "rode the lift up and skied down"; "prices plunged downward"
2.upward - to a later timeupward - to a later time; "they moved the meeting date up"; "from childhood upward"
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1. uphill, rising, ascending, climbing She started once again on the steep upward climb.
2. rising, climbing, ascending, mounting figures show a clear upward trend from the mid Eighties
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إلى الأعْلىإلى فَوْقصَاعِداً
prema gore
felfelé haladó
upp, upp á viî
yukarı doğruyukarıya doğru
về phía trên


A. ADJ [slope] → ascendente, hacia arriba; [tendency] → al alza
upward mobilityascenso m social, movilidad f social ascendente
B. ADV (also upwards)
1. (gen) → hacia arriba
face upwardboca arriba
to lay sth face upwardponer algo boca arriba
to look upwardmirar hacia arriba
2. (with numbers) £50 and upwardde 50 libras para arriba
from the age of 13 upwarddesde los 13 años
upward of 500más de 500
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[climb] → ascendant(e); [look] → vers le haut
She started on the steep upward climb → Elle entama son ascension de la pente escarpée.
(= increasing) [trend] → à la hausse; [movement] → vers le haut
adv (mainly US)
(= towards higher place) [point, climb] → vers le haut
to look upward → lever les yeux
to lie face upward (= on one's back) → s'allonger sur le dos
to be lying face upward → être allongé(e) sur le dos
(= towards higher amount) [move] → à la hausse
upward of (= more than) → plus deupwardly mobile [ˌʌpwərdliˈməʊbaɪl] adjen ascension sociale
upwardly mobile voters → les électeurs en ascension sociale
to be upwardly mobile → monter dans l'échelle socialeupward mobility nmobilité f ascendante
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adjAufwärts-, nach oben; glancenach oben; upward compatibilityAufwärtskompatibilität f; upward compatibleaufwärtskompatibel; upward movementAufwärtsbewegung f; upward slopeSteigung f; upward (social) mobility (Sociol) → soziale Aufstiegsmöglichkeiten pl
adv (esp US) = upwards
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1. adj (movement) → verso l'alto, in su; (curve) → ascendente
upward tendency (Fin) → tendenza al rialzo
2. adv (also upwards)
a.in su, verso l'alto
to lie face upward → giacere supino/a
b. (with numbers) from the age of 13 upwardsdai 13 anni in su
upwards of 500 → 500 e più
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(ap) adverb, adjective
1. to, or at, a higher or better position. Is the elevator going up?; The office is up on the top floor; She looked up at him; The price of coffee is up again.
2. erect. Sit/Stand up; He got up from his chair.
3. out of bed. What time do you get up?; I'll be up all night finishing this work.
4. to the place or person mentioned or understood. A taxi drove up and she got in; He came up (to me) and shook hands.
5. into the presence, or consideration, of a person, group of people etc. He brought up the subject during the conversation.
6. to an increased degree eg of loudness, speed etc. Please turn the radio up a little!; Speak up! I can't hear you
7. used to indicate completeness; throughly or finally. You'll end up in hospital if you don't drive more carefully; Help me wash up the dishes!; I've used up the whole supply of paper; He tore up the letter.
1. to or at a higher level on. He climbed up the tree.
2. (at a place) along. They walked up the street; Their house is up the road.
3. towards the source of (a river). When do the salmon start swimming up the river?
verbpast tense, past participle upped
to increase (a price etc). They upped the price that they wanted for their house.
ˈupward adjective
going up or directed up. They took the upward path; an upward glance.
ˈupward(s) adverb
(facing) towards a higher place or level. He was lying on the floor face upwards; The path led upwards.
ˌup-and-ˈcoming adjective
(of eg a person starting a career) progressing well. an up-and-coming young doctor.
ˌupˈhill adverb
up a slope. We travelled uphill for several hours.
1. sloping upwards; ascending. an uphill road.
2. difficult. This will be an uphill struggle.
ˌupˈstairs adverb
on or to an upper floor. His room is upstairs; She went upstairs to her bedroom.
nounplural upˈstairs
the upper floor(s). The ground floor needs painting, but the upstairs is nice; (also adjective) an upstairs sitting room.
upˈstream adverb
towards the upper part or source of a stream, river etc. Salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs.
be up and about
to be out of bed. I've been up and about for hours; Is she up and about again after her accident?
be up to
1. to be busy or occupied with (an activity etc). What is he up to now?
2. to be capable of. He isn't quite up to the job.
3. to reach the standard of. This work isn't up to your best.
4. to be the duty or privilege of. It's up to you to decide; The final choice is up to him.
up to
as far, or as much, as. He counted up to 100; Up to now, the work has been easy.
up to date
1. completed etc up to the present time. Is the catalogue up to date?
2. modern and in touch with the latest ideas. This method is up to date.
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صَاعِداً nahoru opad aufwärts προς τα πάνω hacia arriba ylöspäin vers le haut prema gore verso l’alto 上へ向かって 위쪽으로 naar boven oppover w górę para cima вверх uppåt ขึ้นไปทางเหนือ yukarıya doğru về phía trên 向上
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adv hacia arriba
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