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adv. or up·wards (-wərdz)
1. In, to, or toward a higher place, level, or position: flying upward.
2. Toward a higher position in a hierarchy or on a socioeconomic scale: a young executive moving upward fast.
3. Toward the head or upper parts: bare from the waist upward.
4. Toward a higher amount, degree, or rank: Prices soared upward.
5. Toward a later time or age: from adolescence upward.
Directed toward a higher place or position: upward movement.
upward/upwards of
More than; in excess of: "the onslaught of upwards of seventy divisions" (Winston S. Churchill).

up′ward·ly adv.
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(ˈʌpwədz) or


1. from a lower to a higher place, level, condition, etc
2. towards a higher level, standing, etc
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1. 'upwards'

In British English, if you move or look upwards, you move or look towards a place that is higher than the place where you are.

She stretched upwards to the curtain pole.
He had happened to look upwards.

Upwards is always an adverb.

2. 'upward'

Speakers of American English usually say upward instead of 'upwards'.

I began to climb upward over the steepest ground.

In both British and American English, upward is an adjective. An upward movement or look is one in which someone or something moves or looks upwards.

...a quick upward flick of the arm.
He would steal upward glances at the clock.

When upward is an adjective, you can only use it in front of a noun.

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Adv.1.upwards - spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher positionupwards - spatially or metaphorically from a lower to a higher position; "look up!"; "the music surged up"; "the fragments flew upwards"; "prices soared upwards"; "upwardly mobile"
down, downward, downwardly, downwards - spatially or metaphorically from a higher to a lower level or position; "don't fall down"; "rode the lift up and skied down"; "prices plunged downward"
2.upwards - to a later timeupwards - to a later time; "they moved the meeting date up"; "from childhood upward"
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1. up, skywards, heavenwards Hunter nodded again and gazed upwards in fear.
2. (with of) above, over, more than, beyond, exceeding, greater than, in excess of projects worth upwards of 200 million pounds
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prema gore
về phía trên


[ˈʌpwərdz] adv (mainly British)
(= towards higher place) [point, climb] → vers le haut
to look upwards → lever les yeux
to lie face upwards (= on one's back) → s'allonger sur le dos
to be lying face upwards → être allongé(e) sur le dos
(= towards higher amount) [move] → à la hausse
(= more) → plus
upwards of (= more than) → plus de
and upwards → et plus, et au-dessus
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adv (esp Brit)
moveaufwärts, nach oben; to look upwardshochsehen, nach oben sehen; face upwardsmit dem Gesicht nach oben; from the waist upwardsvon der Hüfte aufwärts; onwards and upwardsvorwärts und aufwärts
(with numbers) prices from £4 upwardsPreise von £ 4 an, Preise ab £ 4; to be revised upwards (figures)nach oben korrigiert werden; from childhood upwardsvon Kind auf or an, von Kindheit an; and upwardsund darüber; upwards of 3000über 3000
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صَاعِداً nahoru opad aufwärts προς τα πάνω hacia arriba ylöspäin vers le haut prema gore verso l’alto 上へ向かって 위쪽으로 naar boven oppover w górę para cima вверх uppåt ขึ้นไปทางเหนือ yukarıya doğru về phía trên 向上
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References in classic literature ?
The declivity, where the gaze shooteth DOWNWARDS, and the hand graspeth UPWARDS. There doth the heart become giddy through its double will.
Upon placing the magnet erect, with its attracting end towards the earth, the island descends; but when the repelling extremity points downwards, the island mounts directly upwards. When the position of the stone is oblique, the motion of the island is so too: for in this magnet, the forces always act in lines parallel to its direction.
While thus looking upwards, he unknowingly trod upon a Viper asleep just before his feet.
It was flying straight towards him; the guttural cry, like the even tearing of some strong stuff, sounded close to his ear; the long beak and neck of the bird could be seen, and at the very instant when Levin was taking aim, behind the bush where Oblonsky stood, there was a flash of red lightning: the bird dropped like an arrow, and darted upwards again.
She thought of him blazing splendidly in the night, yet so obscure that to hold his arm, as she held it, was only to touch the opaque substance surrounding the flame that roared upwards.
For every one, as I think, must see that astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us from this world to another.
As for this last, change in the reverse direction would seem to be most truly its contrary; thus motion upwards is the contrary of motion downwards and vice versa.
'And Brittles has been gone upwards of an hour, has he?' asked the old lady, after a pause.
The height of the trees and the thickness of the boles exceeded anything which I in my town-bred life could have imagined, shooting upwards in magnificent columns until, at an enormous distance above our heads, we could dimly discern the spot where they threw out their side-branches into Gothic upward curves which coalesced to form one great matted roof of verdure, through which only an occasional golden ray of sunshine shot downwards to trace a thin dazzling line of light amidst the majestic obscurity.
Hereupon the people of each parish gathered closer round their minister, who looked calmly upwards and assumed a more apostolic dignity, as well befitted a candidate for the highest honor of his profession, the crown of martyrdom.
The width of the river, which was upwards of a mile, its extreme shallowness, the frequency of quicksands, and various other characteristics, had at length made them sensible of their errors with respect to it, and they now came to the correct conclusion, that they were on the banks of the Platte or Shallow River.
Every now and then, looking upwards in the line of the long searchlights, Thomson could distinctly see the shape of one of the circling airships.