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 (ŭp-wĕl′ĭng, ŭp′wĕl′-)
1. The act or an instance of rising up from or as if from a lower source: an upwelling of emotion.
2. A process in which cold, often nutrient-rich waters from the ocean depths rise to the surface.
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(ʌpˈwɛl ɪŋ)

1. an act or instance of welling up.
2. an upward flow of cold, heavy deep-sea water, laden with nutrients, as warm surface water is drawn away by offshore currents.
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remontée des eaux froides
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Scientists studying volcanic hot-spots have strong evidence of this, finding high helium-3 relative to helium-4 in some plumes, the upwellings from the Earth's deep mantle.
Intense, annual upwellings, which turn tropical conditions into a neo-temperate environment drive and support food webs on which marine wildlife intricately depend.
"They're still there," Ryals says, "and the fishing for them gets much better starting in the fall, when summer's coldwater upwellings stop happening."
The program uses probability to analyze and extract environmental information from satellite images and sensor data about ocean structures like wakes, upwellings and cold and warm eddies, according to the researchers.
along the sandy Batinah coast), or to seasonal upwellings of cold water.Eoe1/4A[yen] To protect this unique natural heritage, the government of Oman through Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (Meca) has declared 12 marine protected areas including the Daymaniyat Islands Nature Reserve for the protection of coral reefs.
Whereas secularizing Westernized autocracies like the Shah's prompted upwellings of religious radicalism, Iran's religious dictatorship has produced a softening secularization that is likely to last, since both non-religious and faithful Iranians increasingly see representative government as indispensable to their values."
SANA'A, July 19 -- Contrary to previous media reports, the death of shrimp and fish reported late June near Balhaf, Shabwa, is probably linked to seasonal cold water upwellings, said a governmental environment committee who visited the site last week.
Reports in the journal Science suggest that acid from dissolved carbon dioxide is found in upwelling ocean water and that such upwellings could corrode the shells of sea urchins, abalone, and other sea creatures.
The situation where a sequence of upwellings is followed by downwellings of comparable extent is rarely observed; for example, upwelling-downwelling cycles in a sensitive coastal system are modelled in [5].