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10, 11] The etiology of PUE remains unclear; however, several etiological theories have been proposed: these include coelomic metaplasia of the urachus remnant; direct extension through the round ligament; or congenital presence of developmentally displaced endometrial tissue.
cancers include adenocarcinomas of the appendix, adenocarcinomas of the urachus, and a subset of adenocarcinomas of the small intestine and urinary bladder.
1] These include undescended testes, ambiguous genitalia, hydronephrosis, bladder extrophy, cloacal extrophy, patent urachus, polycystic kidneys, hypospadias, bifid scrotum, posterior urethral valves, absent kidney, horseshoe kidney, renal cyst and epispadias.
The supravesical fossa is the area of abdominal wall between remnant of urachus (Median umbilical ligament) and remnant of left or right umbilical artery (medial umbilical ligament).
Patients who had abdominal wall defects including omphalitis, omphalocele, gastroschisis, and patent urachus, severe problems including peritonitis, necrotizing enterocolitis, hydrops fetalis, and significant congential anomalies, and those in whom catheters were inadvertently placed in the umbilical artery instead of the umbilical vein were not included in the study.
Congenital urinary tract anomalies in farm animals are rare, with patent urachus, hypospadias, and renal agenesis being the most reported [9].
The urachus is an embryological structure that rarely persists in adults, but may be a site of malignancy.
1,2) The most likely site of origin is the appendix, though other primary sites include the large and small bowels, stomach, bile ducts, gallbladder, pancreas, ovary, fallopian tubes, urachus, urinary bladder, breast, and lung.
Direct extension along the ligaments of embryonic origin have been described including the round ligament of the liver, the urachus, the vittelointestinal duct remnant, and the obliterated vitelline artery.
This infection may occur soon after the birth and may also result in omphalitis omphalophlebitis omphaloarteritis or urachitis of the urachus (Ganga that become source of navel infection include when an umbilical cord is cut at a level very close to abdominal wall of calf poor navel hygiene practices and unfavorable environmental conditions such as parturition of cow in unhygienic calving pens inadequate colostrum feeding within six hours after calving or having the umbilical stump sucked on by other calves if newborn calf is mixed with other calves after calving (Smith 2003).
5%) of non-bladder UC (renal pelvis, ureter, urachus, urethra), and 55 were other histotypes (27 adenocarcinomas, 17 squamous cell carcinomas, 11 small cell carcinomas).