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The figure of the sacred serpent, an emblem of sovereignty depicted on the headdress of ancient Egyptian rulers and deities.

[New Latin ūraeus, from Late Greek ouraios, cobra, perhaps alteration (influenced by Greek ouraios, of the tail) of Egyptian y'rt.]


n, pl -uses
(Other Non-Christian Religions) the sacred serpent represented on the headdresses of ancient Egyptian kings and gods
[C19: from New Latin, from Greek ouraios, from Egyptian uro asp]


(yʊˈri əs)

n., pl. -us•es.
a representation of the sacred asp upon the headdress of rulers in ancient Egypt, symbolizing supreme power.
[1825–35; < New Latin < Late Greek ouraîos]
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The head is crowned with a sun-disk and an uraeus adorning her forehead, he added.
Soy la septima de las siete uraeus que se encuentran en el Occidente.
RS = aeras aeries [dagger]aeris [dagger]aerious aeros aers * aerys aieries *aires airs/ayres air-sea *airys aras araise arayse areas ares arias ariose ariosi arioso aris arise/arose arouse ars arse arsey/arsy, aruis arusa aryas *arys auras *auraes *aureis/aureus aureous aures/auris aurous **avers ears 'ears *e'ers *eeries/*eerys eras erase eres *eries eros erose ers euros eyers eyras eyres eyries ioras ires iris oars *oarys *o'ers *oors *oories oras ores ors orse *orys ours *ouries oyers rais/reis raise ras rase rayas rays rees reis res resai resay reseau resee re-sue reus/*reas/*reaes reuse *reys reyes rias rise roes rois roos roosa roose rose/rose rosy roues rouse r's rues rusa ruse ryas ryes *urs uraeus uraos ureas urease ures [dagger]uroos ursa/ursae urus.
15; missing from Hagen's bibliography), the goddess' names are all spelled with the uraeus determinative.
The uraeus was a sacred serpent and an emblem of sovereignty depicted on the headdresses of rulers and deities, and the double uraei denote this to be the property of a queen.
Aside from the brief period of Akhenaten during which the sun disc, the itn or Aten, was placed foremost in religious practice with Akhenaten himself as the one and only high priest and an animated disc, complete with name, uraeus, and hands, the sun--or eye--was known as Re, Atum-Re, Amun-Re, or Re-Harakhty.
Prior Information Notice: Notice of interest for the provision aids ileum, uraeus and colostomy.
The Uraeus, a divine serpent, protectively encircles the disk.
Suddenly a Black chieftain appears in the entrance, with the Uraeus in one hand and the winged Beetle in the other.
triple uraeus crown or diadem, a headdress adorned with no less than
The king wears the double crown of Egypt, which is decorated with an uraeus.
Grabados con tecnica mediocre, aparece un uraeus seguido de una deidad sedente, probablemente Maat, pero falta por rotura el signo que la individualiza.