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Noun1.urban center - a large and densely populated urban areaurban center - a large and densely populated urban area; may include several independent administrative districts; "Ancient Troy was a great city"
concrete jungle - an area in a city with large modern buildings that is perceived as dangerous and unpleasant
central city, city center, city centre - the central part of a city
financial center - the part of a city where financial institutions are centered
down town, municipal center, civic center - the center of a city
inner city - the older and more populated and (usually) poorer central section of a city
medical center - the part of a city where medical facilities are centered
municipality - an urban district having corporate status and powers of self-government
national capital - the capital city of a nation
provincial capital - the capital city of a province
state capital - the capital city of a political subdivision of a country
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Francis Urban Center anywhere in your report on Mother of Mercy House (NCR, July 29-Aug.
22 April 2015 - US-based shopping centre REIT Donahue Schriber Realty Group has acquired Interbay Urban Center, a 80,560-square-foot grocery anchored centre in Seattle, Washington, USA, the company said on Wednesday.
The Northern Urban Center covers an area of 205 sq km, is located 20 km north of Riyadh, said the Arab News report.
The Northern Urban Center, covering an area of 205 sq km, is located 20 km north of Riyadh beginning from the intersection of King Fahd Road with the Northern Ring Road.
The maddening inconvenience of having to drive everywhere (and sit in the parking lots we call "commercial streets" and "freeways"); the total dependence it forces on our children, who require fulltime chauffer services for any activity outside home; the alienating quality of living in a landscape you don't (and by design can't) walk through--this is the core of suburban misery, from which most of my friends have tried to escape by moving to a relatively urban center.
Yes, technically just out side of it, but as its living contradiction -- in a sense, "spit out of its mouth." The immediate cause of that particular perishing by crucifixion (according to the texts) was a somewhat unruly street-demonstration accompanied by chants threatening takeover of the city by a new David, followed, indeed, by a nonviolent takeover for a day of the central socio-economic institution of the urban center (Mark 11:1-11, 15-19, 27-33).
Our urban center helps people appreciate the value of natural resources in their cities and towns.
In tandem with the building's opening last December, the Municipal Art Society mounted an impressive exhibition at the Urban Center surveying Portzamparc's work.
Mikel Bergara's installation Savannah, 1995, consisted of four constructions resembling allegorical ruins, based on a group of log cabins that during the 17th century formed the original urban center of the American city that now bears this name.
Washington, Apr 10 (ANI): Ruins of an ancient urban center in the heart of the Puripecha Empire in Lake Patzcuaro Basin, located in the central Mexican state of Michoacan, have been discovered by a Colorado State University archaeologist and his team.
Summary: King Mohammed VI kicked off, here Thursday, the construction works of a MAD 622 mln ($ 72 mln) new urban center in the commune of Lahraouyine in Casablanca.
Temperatures in eastern North American cities between January and May 2001 were, on average, 2.28[degrees] C warmer than they were at spots about 10 km away from each urban center. From September through December 2001, city temperatures were 1.48[degrees] C higher than they were in the nearby countryside.

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