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adj. ur·ban·er, ur·ban·est
Polite, refined, and often elegant in manner.

[Latin urbānus, of a city; see urban.]

ur·bane′ly adv.
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Adv.1.urbanely - in an urbane mannerurbanely - in an urbane manner; "`I had tea occasionally with the Duke,' said Mr. Eggers urbanely"
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adv say, smileweltmännisch, gewandt
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He had seen her lift her eyes, and waved his hand urbanely to her, while he blew her a kiss.
At this quiet time, Mr Pancks softly appeared before her, urbanely nodding.
'Honest creature, woman of capital points, but heedless and a loose talker, Miss Dorrit.' With that he rubbed his hands as if the interview had been very satisfactory to him, panted away to the door, and urbanely nodded himself out again.
These men had demanded more and Robinson's company, true to its threat, had urbanely gone around their farms, travelled on and left them behind, their coal untouched and certain to so remain.
"We were discussing coal-mines," said Henry urbanely.
I smiled urbanely. He seemed at a loss for a while.
The other took the card from his hand, read it in a rapid glance, looked again at Newman from head to foot, hesitated a moment, and then said, gravely but urbanely, "Madame de Cintre is not at home."
Urbanely outfitted in a chambray button-down and round tortoiseshell glasses, Harris-Babou plays the chimerical character of the Reconstructor, part social-policy maker, part lifestyle influencer.
Beirut has been formed organically, with few attempts to be urbanely planned but remains to-date "a city in plans" (according to Eric Verdeil, Ifpo, 2011- Beirut et ses urbanistes, Une ville en plans).
Sometimes they could be done urbanely, as Alison Keith has demonstrated by examining how Propertius trafficked discursively his elegiac mistress in his poetry (2008, 115-38) and how Cicero similarly treated Antony's mistress Volumnia in a witty letter to his friend Paetus (2011, 39-41).
The Ashanti region has a population of about 11 million in 2015 and is principally centred urbanely in the Kumasi metropolis.
Whether it's Liam Mansfield oozing loucheness as Bob Phillips, Laura Penneycard as Fiona Foster who sashays her way effortlessly and urbanely through the proceedings, or Joanna Simpkins wonderful as Bob's wife, Theresa, permanently tight-lipped, wild-eyed, a human Mount Etna, and frightening as hell.