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A sociologist who specializes in the problems of cities and urban life.

ur′ban·ol′o·gy n.
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(Sociology) a sociologist specializing in urban life and problems
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The plenary speakers included urbanologist Richard Florida, the Brookings Institution's Bruce Katz, the architect David Lewis, and Prince Charles, who had played a pivotal role in organizing the initial conference.
Population density is a key element of new urbanologist thinking.
Architect and urbanologist Ahmet Vefik Alp emphasizes the fact that every locality has its unique characteristics and specific artistic and architectural styles.
10th Ave.; talk by visiting urbanologist Max Grinnell, who will focus on 1940 book created by Federal Writers Guide titled "Oregon: End of the Trail"; free; held in conjunction with Eugene's 150th anniversary; 541-682-5450.
As University of Pennsylvania urbanologist Witold Rybczynski has said, paraphrasing Columbia University sociologist Saskia Sassen: "Global cities ...
The latter was performed in memoriam of Jane Jacobs, an urbanologist famous for her pioneering work on the importance of public spaces in cities.
For that kind of rage we need Mike Davis, the radical urbanologist who knows everything, forgives nothing, and shows up periodically to terrify the bourgeoisie, less like a MacArthur Fellow than a Chupacabra, the goat-sucking vampire of Latin American folklore.
Thus, for example, where some thinkers who are more methodologically individualist, such as the pathbreaking urbanologist Jane Jacobs, distinguish between slums that successfully meet the needs of poor people and slums that do not, Moses and his ilk viewed all slums as the same.
Yes, famed Harvard urbanologist William Julius Wilson told the conferees.
Leonid Kogan Director of the Urbanistic Society (Translated from the Russian into French by Daniel Arapu) Translated from the French by Jean Burrell Leonid Kogan, who was born in Moscow, is an urbanologist and sociologist and has a doctorate in architecture.
urbanologist Jane Jacobs, who used chaos theory to compare the