A sociologist who specializes in the problems of cities and urban life.

ur′ban·ol′o·gy n.
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(Sociology) the branch of sociology that specializes in urban life and problems
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(ˌɜr bəˈnɒl ə dʒi)

the study of urban problems, esp. as a social science.
ur`ban•ol′o•gist, n.
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the study of urban affairs and problems. — urbanologist, n.
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Particularly problematic for the authorities was the fact that the most vocal protesters--educated, Internet-savvy urbanites--openly rejected the state's claims on their success by referring to themselves as the "creative class." Borrowed from urbanology studies (Florida, 2002), the term creative class refers to a broadly defined group of professionals whose economic function lay in developing new ideas, new technologies, and new content in nonmanufacturing, knowledge-based fields.
Unmaking turned out to be a classic of American urbanology, sociology, history, and political science, still assigned in graduate curricula on those subjects.
2013DX09), and the support from the Center of Urban Governance Studies (the International Urbanology Studies Center City of Hangzhou) (The theory research of the TOD mode oriented urban agglomeration development) (No.
It is this narrow definition of what's legal and permissible that is the biggest challenge, not just to recognising Dharavi's businesses, but also determining Dharavi's fate, said Rahul Srivastava, a founder of the Institute of Urbanology in Mumbai.
A native of Scarborough, Ontario, Priya is a freelance journalist/editor, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Urbanology Magazine and a part-time professor at Humber College.
A native of Scarborough, Ontario, Priya is a freelance journalist/ editor, the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Urbanology Magazine and a part-time professor at Humber College.
The focus in this article is how the new urbanology defines and operationalises the principle of environmental sustainability in the urban setting and to what extent these influential writings reflect the dominant neoliberal meme.
A central component of the Lab is Urbanology, a group game played on-site and online.
Hangzhou Normal University founded a research center of urbanology and launched a series of projects focused on Hangzhou's indigenous history and culture.
In other news, Urbanology teen shops, which include home, are now in all ShopKo Stores.
Called Urbanology, the store-within-a-store section features fashion accessories and room-decor products geared to appeal to Generation Y.
For example, Cavallaro's discussion of how the binary code of digital maps undermines the Western metaphysics of presence is fascinating, but its ostensible relation to cybercultural urbanology is underdeveloped.