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(ˈɜːdeɪ; -diː; -dɪ) ,




(Heraldry) heraldry having points; pointed
[C16 urdee: probably a misreading and misunderstanding of French vidée in the phrase croix aiquissée et vidée cross sharply pointed and reduced]
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Clearly, much remains to be learned about the signaling pathways and mantle feedback mechanisms underlying the control of shell sculpture (Urdy, 2015).
Townsend (1994) and Urdy (1995) did some pioneering work along this line by first using panel data to analyze households ability to insure consumption caused by idiosyncratic shocks (Gunther and Harttgen, 2009).
Allometric slope has been hypothesized to be conserved by phylogeny (Urdy et al.
urdy, M, & Dietz, A, (2010), Factors influencing AAC usage by individuals with aphasia, Perspectives on Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 19, 70-78.
However, other studies did not find these associations (Newcomer & Urdy, 1985; Furstenberg, Herceg-Baron, Shea & Webb, 1984).
Our destination is the Palace of Saddam's son Urdy, one of 70 palaces, even grander than the palace in Basra, with giant bronze heads of Saddam adorning the roof, now HQ of the Coalition Provisional Authority headed by US administrator, Paul Bremer.
``The number of food scares has risen fourfold in the last two years and is one of the most serious and pressing issues in the EU,'' said Mr S t urdy.
Cheng and Urdy used data from the 1994-1995 National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health) to examine the sexual behaviours of physically disabled adolescents and to make comparisons on these measures with non-disabled adolescents.