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Scores were by pustule type on a 0 to 4 scale as follows: 0 = no uredinia or visible symptoms, 1 = small uredinia with necrotic edge, 2 = small to medium uredinia with limited urediospore production, 3 = medium-sized uredinia with moderate sporulation, 4 = large, ragged uredinia with abundant sporulation.
titricina, fresh mixture of aggressive urediospores the pathogen was collected from infected adult wheat plants, then, a dry preparation of urediospores were mixed with talc powder (1:20 v/v) in baby cyclone.
This creates favorable condition for the carryover of stem rust urediospores from one season to another and leads to the development of epidemics in wheat growing areas [5].
Likewise, based on the size and ice nucleation activity of urediospores of rust fungi (Morris et al.
Comparison of diferent methods for extraction of DNA of wheat stem rust urediospores. Hubei Agric.
Significant factorial interaction was found between fungicides and application timing on P euvitis urediospores viability (Table 2).
At 7 days after planting when first leaves were fully expanded, the seedlings were gently rubbed between moist fingers and then sprayed with tap water using atomizer in the inoculation chamber, then inoculated by spraying them with a suspension of urediospores in a light mineral oil carrier.