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n, pl uredines (jʊˈriːdɪˌniːz)
(Pathology) a less common name for urticaria
[C18: from Latin: burning itch, from ūrere to burn]


(yʊˈri doʊ)

a skin irritation; hives; urticaria.
[1700–10; < Latin ūrēdō blast, blight, burning itch =ūr(ere) to burn + -ēdō n. suffix]
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The stories of corruption and overseas assets of the elites when came to news sparked wide spread demonstrations and agitations and people starting chanting the slogans "Ash sha'b uredo isqatannizam." the people want to overthrow the regime.19
Swat district, Murree and Azad Jammu and Kashmir were visited, which resulted the identification of four genera of rust fungi naming Puccinia, Cerotelium, Miyagia and Uredo containing seven species on eight host plants.
De la misma forma, la Roya del Guandul Uredo cajani o Uromyces cajani, causa defoliacion de las plantas.
Caracterizacion morfologica: Las 100 muestras identificadas correspondieron a 61 especies diferentes con la siguiente distribucion: dos especies de las familias Pucciniastraceae, Coleosporiaceae, Mikronegeriaceae, Uropixydaceae, Phragmidiaceae; tres especies de Chaconiaceae; cuatro especies de Pucciniosiraceae y Phakopsoracea; 33 especies de Pucciniaceae y siete muestras correspondieron a estados anamorficos identificados como Uredo sp.
Remote microscopy has also been used to distribute information on myrtle rust (Uredo rangelii), a newly described pathogen closely related to eucalyptus/ guava rusts.