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 (yo͝o-rē′tər, yo͝or′ĭ-tər)
The long, narrow duct that conveys urine from the kidney to the urinary bladder or cloaca.

[New Latin ūrētēr, from Greek ourētēr, from ourein, to urinate.]

u·re′ter·al, u′re·ter′ic (yo͝or′ĭ-tĕr′ĭk) adj.
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adj ureteral
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As defined, there was no underlying cause for a ureteral rupture in our case.
So it was highly suspected for urinary disease, such as SRUB, ureteral rupture. Given that unstable vital signs and peritonitis became aggravated gradually, we decided to perform emergency laparoscopic exploration with the consent of patient and her families.
(2,4) Ureteral rupture during pregnancy is thought to result from increased pressure secondary to ureteral compression.
Gould, "Ureteral rupture from aberrant Foley catheter placement: A case report," Journal of Radiology Case Reports, vol.
To the Editor: Spontaneous ureteral rupture is rare, and urolithiasis is the most common cause.
(6) Major complications include serious infection, ureteral rupture or avulsion, hemorrhage, and steinstrasse, which have an incidence of about 5.3%.