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n. ureteroneocistostomía. V.: ureterocystoneostomy
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We defined graft US as a rise in serum creatinine associated with hydronephrosis on ultrasound, an obstructive curve in scintigraphy or a retrograde pyelography compatible with ureteral stenosis that were managed surgically (ureteroneocystostomy, Boari flap ureteroneocystostomy or ureteroureterostomy), endoscopically (retrograde double J stent catheterization, balloon dilation or ureterotomy) or by interventional radiology treatment (nephrostomy or antegrade double J stent catheterization).
(20) Deep infiltrating endometriosis of the bladder can be identified at the time of cystoscopy, which can assist in determining the need for ureteroneocystostomy if lesions are within 2 cm of the urethral opening.
A standard Lich-Gregoir ureteroneocystostomy was performed over a double-J stent in all cases.
Suspected ureteral injuries were intraoperatively or postoperatively repaired, and involved JJ stent placement, ureteroureterostomy, and ureteroneocystostomy.
(4) Alternative surgical treatments may be utilized in patients in whom biopsy can confirm amyloidosis prior to surgery, and include ureteroneocystostomy, resection with end anastomosis of the ureter, and autotransplantation.
Joseph, "Contralateral vesicoureteral reflux after simple and tapered unilateral ureteroneocystostomy revisited," Journal of Urology, vol.
Urinary reconstruction was performed using the extravesical Lich-Gregoir ureteroneocystostomy technique over a ureteral stent, which was removed 2 weeks later, and an indwelling bladder catheter was routinely kept for 5 days after surgery.
The patient had underlying ITP presenting with recurrent two-month-duration gross hematuria and mild hydronephroureterosis treated with transurethral resection of the bladder amyloidosis and subsequent ureteroneocystostomy of the ureter amyloidosis.
Miller, "Positional obstructive uropathy secondary to ureteroneocystostomy herniation in renal transplant recipient," The Journal of Urology, vol.
If the stricture is short and the endoscopic treatment attempt is unsuccessful, the lower ureteric defects can be managed with ureteroureterostomy and ureteroneocystostomy. For longer defects, complex techniques such as vesico-psoas hitch, Boari-flap, ileal ureteral substitution or even autotransplantation have been successfully used.
The method used to establish urinary continuity was extravesical ureteroneocystostomy and closure of the abdominal wall in layers.
Transureteroureteostomy, ureteroneocystostomy, gastrocystoplasty and epispadias repair was performed at 4 years of age after failed repairs.