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n. ureteropieloplastia, cirugía plástica del uréter y la pelvis renal.
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The aim of this report was to provide and evaluate a novel surgical option for urinary tract reconstruction in third renal transplantation, using preexisting allograft ureteropyelostomy (UP), which we believe represents an innovative surgical technique for renal transplantation in the world.
Angiocatheter used to facilitate passage of an externalized ureteropyelostomy stent during an open pyeloplasty.
Others A variety of other procedures have been performed using robotics in children, such as pyelolithotomy, (58) correction of retrocaval ureter, (59) adrenalectomy, bladder neck sling, (60) ureteropyelostomy, excision of Mullerian duct remnants, (47) and sacrocolpopexy just to name a few.