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Noun1.ureterostenosis - stenosis of the ureter
stenosis, stricture - abnormal narrowing of a bodily canal or passageway
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, ureterostenosis and/or hydronephrosis caused by retroperitoneal fibrosis were excluded), respiratory system (sinus/lung parenchymal/airway/pleura) involvement, regional and/or systemic lymphadenopathy, central nervous system (pituitary gland/spinal cord/endocranium/brain) involvement, and gastrointestinal (stomach/intestinal tract) involvement.
The exclusion criteria included severe hydronephrosis, ureterostenosis, and an included angle less than 45[degrees] between the pelvis ureter and funnel of lower calyceal.
From the histological view, this is strong evidence proving that hyperplastic scar and ureterostenosis existed.