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n. ureterotomía, incisión de un uréter.
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We defined graft US as a rise in serum creatinine associated with hydronephrosis on ultrasound, an obstructive curve in scintigraphy or a retrograde pyelography compatible with ureteral stenosis that were managed surgically (ureteroneocystostomy, Boari flap ureteroneocystostomy or ureteroureterostomy), endoscopically (retrograde double J stent catheterization, balloon dilation or ureterotomy) or by interventional radiology treatment (nephrostomy or antegrade double J stent catheterization).
Two months following discharge the patient underwent outpatient elective appendectomy, right pyeloplasty, and ureterotomy with stent placement due to persistent hydronephrosis.
Methods like Culp-DeWeerd spiral flap pyeloplasty, Scardino-Prince Vertical Flap, Davis intubated ureterotomy, and ureterocalicostomy can also be used [3].
The stones that migrated into the kidney during laparoscopic surgery were retrieved using a basket through the more convenient caudal 5mm port using a flexible cystoscope (11272C115.5 FR Karl-Storz, Tuttlingen, Germany), which was introduced into the ureter through a proximal ureterotomy. Intraoperative JJ stents were inserted through the laparoscopic port and were placed in the ureter.
After ligation of the right internal iliac artery proximal to the aneurysm, a right ureterotomy was done and a double J stent was placed bypassing the obstructive point of the right ureter (Figure 4).
(22,23) It has been further reported that MMC decreases hemosiderin-laden macrophages, mononuclear cell infiltration, and fibrosis after internal ureterotomy compared with control groups in a rat model.
reported a diffuse leiomyoma of the ureter as a complication of multiple endocrinoma (MEN) type 1.10 Shailesh et al, reported that if preoperative studies and intraoperative findings strongly suggest a benign lesion, some urologists recommend a ureterotomy and biopsy of the lesion for frozen section
The remaining patients were treated by polypectomy via ureterotomy, partial ureterectomy or nephro-ureterectomy.